Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, February 02, 2007

They LOVE to share!

They absolutely love to share with each other, and no I am not referring to toys! On Wednesday night Matthew threw up in the middle dinner. It has been a long time since he has done this, but it wasn't a sick type of throw-up. He has been a bit congested this past week, and whenever he is congested (and especially when eating) he tends to gag and makes himself throw up.

When he was finished with his meal, I noticed he was a little warm. I took his temperature and he was 99 in the ear (which I think means 100.) I don't tend to treat fevers unless they are 102 or higher. An hour later it was time for bed. When I picked him up I knew it immediately, he now had 102.5 fever in one ear and 100.5 in the other (101.-5 to 103.5.) He always has two different readings. I am not sure if it's the way that his one ear is formed, but it's consistent! I gave him some Motrin and he was down for the night.

Yesterday Noe said he gave him some more Motrin before nap because his temperature was 100. When he got up he didn't have a temperature. When he went to bed, he didn't have a temperature! It seems it lasted just 24 hours.

Today the Speech Pathologist returned for her third day this week. She started last week with us and saw Noah on Monday, Robert yesterday, and then Matthew was scheduled for today. Matthew was good to go so I didn't cancel the appointment. As soon as she called to tell me she was on her way, Robert woke up. I gave him a kiss and knew immediately. Robert had 102.5 fever both ears (103.5), his brother shared it with him!! Our Speech Path walked in, I warned her, and she walked out. She is due to have surgery next Thursday and I told her that she could skip Matthew today if she didn't feel comfortable. I think she was EXCITED to hear my say that. She had the look of fear on her face.

I am not sure if Noah had a touch of something or not. He was super fussy one night but never broke out in a fever, that I know of. I am hoping Robert is the last to get it. I have to admit, it's hard to keep something from going around this house. The last time I really remember something was when they all had the Rotavirus, that was a BLAST!


Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Hey- did they sneak over to my house? Ryan is sick but luckily not running a fever (fingers crossed). Keep those germs on your side of the city !

I hope they feel better soon!

Sara said...

I hope the kids are getting better. We did the whole cold thing with a fever a couple of weeks ago. All 5 at once, it was great fun! Fever lasted a couple of days and went away and a week later all was well. So hang in there! :)