Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, February 05, 2007

Too much to do, not enough time to do it!?

Isn't this always the case? I am finishing up my last week of teaching before we go on track break. I NEED this track break to get caught up on a bunch of things. This past weekend I have neglected my blog in order to catch up my regular picture website. I have this nagging person (hi Mom!) who is on my back because I have neglected that site ever since I started this one! So, I have put all of my January pictures up, including captions! Enjoy!

Robert has FINALLY kicked his fever! He's still a little sensitive and clingy, but at least he has cooled down. Noah must still be teething since his hand is almost ALWAYS stuck in his mouth! Those teeth need to make an appearance. I have NEVER had a drooling baby before, and I don't care for it! Matthew is doing pretty good! When he gets mad, you know it! He voices his opinion often. Leigha is having her first school production tomorrow. There is finally a benefit to being a teacher, I can record it! Parents weren't really invited, but I bet a lot show up!

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