Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, March 30, 2007

Lesson not learned!

I don't think I will be lacking ideas to post about this year! My mom was horrified when she saw my pictures yesterday. I don't think she appreciated the fact that I ran to get my camera before getting the boys down and scolding them. I need proof! I need documentation! I need to find HUMOR in the monsters I have created!!

Noe told me that he had to yell at them to get away from the table today. That just doesn't work with them. Hitting their hand doesn't work with them. Spanking them doesn't work. A little while later, while Noe was cleaning up the kitchen, Noah started crying. It turns out that he fell off the side of the table, in between the table and the china cabinet. He scraped his head on Leigha's plastic dollhouse.

My aunt came over to watch the kids for a few hours. They always tend to be angels for her. When I called to see how things were going, she informed me that Noah had already attempted to climb back up on the table again. So much for a lesson learned! While I was there earlier, I found him standing on the small circular wood/glass table between the two couches. He was dancing and clapping to Signing Time!

I have a feeling that I will be experiencing many doctor/hospital visits in the next few years!

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Kristina said...

Oh OWIE!!!!