Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Terrible Twos, Times Three: Day Three

I look back on Leigha, as a baby, with such a new love for her. She was wonderful! She really didn't get into too much trouble, or she is just so dang cute that I don't remember. I only had one gate in my house, to block off the bathroom that had the cat litter. She had free reign of the house, within reason.

Matthew is no angel these days, but he must not have gotten the memo about what he should be doing now that he is two. Or, he is doing it and he just hasn't been caught YET!

Robert and Noah are taking this "Terrible Twos" thing to an extreme! Are they serious!? Is this what I have to look forward to this year?

Anyone want to take bets on what tomorrow brings? I will start taking bets as soon as I go pour myself a drink!

On a good note, the boys went to their 2 year check-up today. They were weighed and measured:
Robert is 32 1/4 inches tall and 26 lbs (in clothes)
Noah is 32 3/4 inches (but he wasn't standing up straight) and 31 lbs (in clothes)
Matthew is 33 inches (we straightened his better leg as far as we could) and 27 lbs

Since Noah and Matthew are identical, we suspect that Noah is really about 33 1/4 inches tall. Matthew has knee contractures so he is taller than what we can measure him at.

Needless to say, it's hard to imagine that they were premies now! They were 13 weeks early, but Noah is now in the 75-90% for weight and 75% for head (Leigha was 95%.) They are still in the low range for height at this point, but neither of us are tall. One thing I did realize today was that I can switch over to 2% milk!


Laraine said...

LOL!!! Those photos and the torn border bring back memories - of last year (and yesterday!).

Whats next?? perhaps..
climbing on the dining room table and spinning the chandelier until one of the bulbs fall out.
standing on the rail of the crib to reach the box of crayons on top of the six foot high shelf
jumping from the top of the 6 drawer dresser to the bed
stuffing the toilet FULL of toilet paper and laughing hysterically when you flush and the water goes all over the floor - and then flushing again
sneaking into the garage and opening the door because they can reach the door opener, thus causing daddy to put yet another door lock at a 5-1/2 foot level
stomping (or sitting) in every spot of water or puddle that can be found
you get the idea.

The fun goes on and on. I acutally am finding 3 more challenging than two because of them testing limits. I hear it gets better at 4??

Cathy said...

Thanks Laraine, that's just what I needed to hear! LOL

The Grubbs said...

Laraine, you made me cringe and LOL at the same time!

I hope his little heads heals quickly, what a stinker though!