Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday was a busy day!

We started the day on a bit of a rough note. I was informed,by Matthew's PT, that my other two should be coming down the stairs by themselves. I don't think she buys my "triplet card" anymore. When it comes to getting them down from their cribs, after nights and naps, I run down one or two at a time. None of us has the patience to wait for one to crawl down the stairs, at a time. Well, I decided to pretend to be a good mom and started working on it right away. Surprisingly, Noah is more gutsy than Robert! Thing were going great for almost 2 weeks!

That all ended this morning. I released the demons, I mean Robert and Noah, and then grabbed Matthew. Normally we all go to the top of stairs and then the boys sit down to start the descent. For some reason I think that Robert didn't realize he made it to the staircase. He leaned forward and started tumbling all the way down. I was helpless. I had Matthew in my arms so I just watched, in slow motion, the horrible sight of watching his body flip over and hit every step. I ran down, put Matthew down, and held Robert. He cried for about 1 minute. Do you know what stopped him from crying? I told him I would go put Signing Time! on! He stopped crying, smiled, and then took off for the livingroom. Do you know how much I love Signing Time!? It saves me from tantrums all of the time (although creates them everytime I try to turn it off!)

The day started to get better, at least for Robert. My aunt and uncle came over to join us for a trip to the park. I decided that we better go check out the park we are having their birthday party at next weekend. Did I mention that my little boys are going to be TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow?! That still just dumbfounds me! I made a bad decision and decided to take a different scooter for Matthew. I thought that he might need the taller one. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of smiling pictures from him. He fell (scooter attached to him) off the curb, into the parking lot. He fell off the scooter (attached once again) onto the sidewalk. Then he fell off one other time, too. Unfortunately, I don't think he can get his right arm down to soften the fall. His poor head got clunked a bunch of times. He is SO good at cruising around my house, that I think he thinks he can do it at the park, too! When Noe arrived, things were much better for Matthew!

My kids have been deprived of the park. I feel bad, but it's just impossible to take 4 kids to the park by myself. The three boys go in different directions, Matthew can't run around the equipment, and I am not letting Matthew roll through the sand. Thankfully, we now have the scooters for him to scoot around on. He loves it, most of the time! Four adults to four kids was a perfect ratio! We got the boys going down the slides, although we didn't give them much of a choice at first.

Finally, a park with swings! Leigha was a bit irritated that they didn't have the big kid swings. Noah enjoyed it though!

In addition to swinging and going down the slides, Noah got to take a walk with Uncle Jerry.

Once Robert got going on the slides, he loved them!

Being thrown up in the air has to be any kids dream! No one can do it like a Daddy can!

As soon as Daddy arrived, Matthew was ready to get back on the swings. The first time we tried, right after the first wipeout, he wanted nothing to do with it. Now, that Noe was there, he was good to go!

Matthew doesn't do well with going down slides. He doesn't have the trunk control to stay sitting up. However, he got to ride with Noe! I don't think he was thrilled at first, but he warmed up to it! The best part was when Noe had put Matthew down, but held onto him while he was on his stomach. This was a tube slide he did this on. Noe basically got stuck! It was funny. We then moved to the open slides!

They are definitely buddies!

Leigha is getting a bit more brave each time we go. She starts out a bit slow, but then she finally gets going on the larger slides. However, I swear she complained at least 50% of the time we were there. It was hot, there were no swings for her, etc. It's amazing we actually got a picture of her smiling!

Later on, after naps, we took a ride around the neigbborhood in the Choo Choo wagon. It was fun to see them signing along the way. They saw airplanes fly by, and immediately they started signing. Noah is quick to sign dog everytime we heard one bark. Baths rounded out our busy day, and boy were they ready for bed! It was defintely a fun day!


The Grubbs said...

Happy Birthday boys!

Michele S said...

Happy Birthday Boys! Hope you had a great day and got lots of cool stuff!

Hugs and kisses,

Amanda, Sarah, Greggers, and Austin