Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, March 12, 2007

A trip to the park!

On Sunday, my Aunt and Uncle came over to help take the kids to the park! My poor kids haven't really had much opportunity, ok almost none, to run around outside. We decided to go down the street to a park that had cruddy equipment, but a great big field with steep walls! I figured that if each went their own way, I would be able to catch them before they could ascend the hills!

The kids had a great time! Leigha got to go on the teeter-totter with Aunt Bobbie. It's a darn good thing she is a girl and not a boy!

She got a chance to run up and down the hills, avoiding the doggy poop the entire time! There was a scare as she fell down right next to a huge pile, but she was safe!

Matthew got upset for a minute (hey, I can't bring Signing Time to the park, Matthew!) so I told Robert to go give him a hug. Believe it or not, Robert went straight to Matthew. I am not sure Matthew knew what to think of that brotherly love!

Everywhere we go now, one of our scooters accompanies Matthew! You would think that a scooter would be hard to handle on an uneven field, but Matthew can really move that thing around! Talk about a workout for his legs!

Robert was exploring everywhere! He thought he would pick up anything and everything from the ground. Have I mentioned how much I don't really care for dogs?

Uncle Jerry doesn't realize that he is teaching them how to get up the sides easily! Not something I need them to learn anytime soon!

Aunt Bobbie was trying to help out by getting Noah to run off any energy he might have left in him!

All in all, it was a great morning! Too bad we paid them back with synegis shots after naps! Oh well, one more month and then they will never have those again!

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Michele S said...

Cathy- I'm so glad to see your boys running outside in the grass! This is soooo good for them and that's cool Matthew is able to manueaver! Awesome!