Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Due to the forceful nudging from Michele we decided to join the Las Vegas Moms of Multiples for the Henderson St. Patrick's Day Parade! I ran out, during a break from school, to buy shirts for everyone. That was a way to force myself to get everyone up and ready that early.

Today was another hot day! It was beautiful outside. We parked at the end of the parade and walked to our spot in the line up. I am old and out of shape, as my calves were hurting and my face was red from pulling them slightly uphill. The good news was that it would be all downhill when the parade started. Unfortunately, we were the second to last group in the parade. We were there by 9 a.m., the parade started at 10 a.m., and we didn't go until about 11:45 a.m. That's a long time for babies and toddlers to be hanging out in the sun.

The boys were ripping off the decoations as fast as I could stick them on there. I guess I have to wait another year before they will leave them alone.
Matthew, Robert, and Noah

Jaxon, Wyatt, and Lucas Grubb

The group was getting antsy! It was amazing how well all of those babies did, considering we were out there for hours!

Michelle truly was a supermom! She had her kids going potty even on the street! I think the girls used a potty seat, next to the trailor, and one of her boys used the wall! I can just imagine trying to coax Leigha into going out in the open. That would NEVER happen! I can't say I am looking forward to figuring out how to get three boys potty trained. Can't they just start changing their own diapers?

It was funny though! Austin, the 21 month old, is commonly mistaken for being a quad! She has 4 cars on her wagon, and everyone kept saying, "Look at the quads!" I felt trumped. Remind me never to go out with her four again, my three look like nothing compared to them! Just kidding!

We found out, the hard way, that it was difficult to keep the boys entertained without getting dirty. They were fascinated with touching cars. The baby wipes were my saving grace. Even the Grubb's decided to get down and dirty!
Wyatt, Jaxon, and Lucas

Robert and Noah were so tired by the time we were in the parade. As soon as we started moving, they were falling asleep! This is not an easy task in the Choo Choo Wagon. They kept falling forward, sideways, backwards, and gave themselves whiplash almost! They were plenty of enterainment for the people watching the parade. I could hear people making comments about how cute they looked as they were bopping around. I thought it was hysterical! At least they made it for a few minutes before they fell asleep! Matthew NEVER sleeps outside of his naps and at night. He was just taking everything in!

They were wide awake and playful, by the time we got home. Matthew was zooming around the kitchen, laughing hysterically, trying to get away from me (it was diaper changing time!)

I guess Noah's power nap worked! He was all giggly too.

Noe and Leigha took off for the rides! She was so excited, as she had been begging to do that all morning.

Unfortunately, Noe and Leigha were up on the Ferris Wheel when our section of the parade came around. Here is what we look like from up high.

We had a great day! Thanks for the invite, Michele!


Michele S said...

Just call me Super Quad Mom! You can hang out with me anytime! LOL! I'm so glad you guys made it and despite the horrid wait, it was fun! Next year it will be 50 degrees

Sara said...

Ok, so you guys looked like you had a blast except for the long wait and the heat. We so would have been there with you guys, but Molly had dental surgery yesterday at Sunrise Hospital and I didnt want her running around like that in the heat. We went to the zoo instead, and I think we arent allowed to go there anymore. LOL. I am going to post about it in my blog later. Also, Michele, Larraine, and I are taking all the kids to Anderson Dairy during Spring Break...and we would love for you all to go too. Email me for the details..or just email me so we can catch up! My email is byondblsd@yahoo.com