Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Will I ever catch up and stay caught up?

No! It will never happen. Every time I try to catch up on one thing, I get further behind on everything else. This past week I have been busy trying to update my photograph albums and my family picture website. I am happy to say, I am finished through December 2006. I have come to the conclusion that I must not print so many pictures. It's hard! I had 1500 pictures taken for two different months. Trying to figure out how to weed out pictures is HARD!

If I can ever manage to get complete caught up with my blog, family picture website, and my photograph albums, I would love to start going back through my albums and scan in all of the pictures. I really want to get my Nutcracker on Ice and my Disney on Ice tour pictures on the computer. Hmm...maybe that would push me over the edge to get myself back in shape again!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew are turning 2 years old on Tuesday! I am not sure why this year is just hitting me head on. When they turned 1, I didn't blink. Now that they are turning two, I am having a hard time believing that two years have flown by! One of their birthday gifts arrived today! We don't really need more toys in this house (I know that's a shocker to anyone who has stepped foot in here) so we are calling this a "present."

I am just excited that we got it before their birthday party! We are going to take it with us to the park. I can't imagine trying to sit them down on the cement picnic benches that were obviously NOT made for children. The picnic table folds up so it can go under a bed, in the closet, etc. The biggest bonus is that the age recommendation is 2-8 years old. Leigha can sit comfortably, too!

This afternoon I have decided to commit suicide. I have always taken the kids out with me for errands. I don't let them stop me from going to the stores. Today is going to be different. I am taking them, by myself, for haircuts! I cut their hair up until November. Then they had their first "real" haircuts. I was just about to do it again, but decided that their hair was too long for me to even attmpt to cut it on my own. Oh, and the little fact that I received an email with a coupon in it! Unfortunately, Noe will be at work during our appointment. Oh well, at least they will be strapped down for their haircuts. It should be interesting, I will post pictures later!

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