Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Break has officially started!

Spring Break actually started Friday afternoon, but I signed up a for a class that met yesterday and today. The bad part about it was that it is on the complete opposite side of Las Vegas than me. This class, and others, were suggested for me by other teachers. I now know why! The classes were supposed to meet 8-4:30 both days. One day we got out at 11 and today I finished my project (PowerPoint) by 11:30! I have three more of these types of classes in May. I think I will have to take every one offered, they are too good to pass up!

The boys were doing great today! Nothing horrible to report the last few days (which means it will happen tomorrow). They are enjoying their Magna Doodles, especially now that they realized there are magnets inside!

Leigha had a great time at my aunts! She said she got to eat pizza and stay up late last night. Today she got her bangs curled and got to go out to eat with my Aunt and her friends. Leigha absolutely LOVES getting to spend the night at their house. She has talked about nothing else since she got home! She ended her day in a great way too. I let her go out front and play with the little girl down the street. She played for a long time, had dinner, and then got to go back outside and play. I wish it was like the olden days (did I say that?) when kids could go outside and play by themselves! Her friend's mom was out there and I kept coming out for a few minutes here and there.

Today I added some Google ads to the right side of my blog. If you feel that any of these topics are relevant to you, please feel free to use them. That is what they are there for!

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