Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I interrupt this lull in blogging to bring you this important newsflash....

Matthew was just standing up, with minimal support from me! Noe says that Matthew is standing, but I have never seen it. It seems that I am always the one that has to support him. Tonight, he put his weight on his legs and just used me a little to lean on! THIS IS HUGE! Then I was even more shocked, as noted on my kids faces' when their mother screamed, when he moved his right leg forward!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am! Matthew's knees are still not straight, but we are still working on that. We are in the process of getting Dynasplints for both knees and his elbow. Matthew's issue isn't in leg stength, necessarily. He can get around on a scooter faster than his brothers. He can turn 180 degrees in a split second. Matthew lacks the strength in his trunk. We were told that he would need to increase his strength in his trunk before he would get a walker. He's on his way!!!

So, to recap the past few weeks, Matthew is now eating food with texture, he can sit up on his own, and he is working on his standing up (and even walking!). He's been busy!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since you posted the link on refund sweepers. I really enjoy hearing how the boys are doing, they have come so far. I'm so happy to hear that Matthew is doing so well, he looks like such a sweetie...I can just imagine how pleased he must be with himself.
Cathy Y

Anonymous said...


That is fantastic!!. I'm so happy to hear such good news. Matthew really is a miracle.

Good going Matthew!!!!!!

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Yay Matthew!!!

Keep up the good work!!!