Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Matthew is on a roll!

Last week he started pulling up to a sitting position. This week he can do it on his own! He's a bit shaky, since his right arm can't reach the floor, but he can now get up on his knees. This is huge for Matthew, and you can see the excitement on his face.

Matthew has also had some MAJOR food adversions. He is still drinking out of a bottle (by himself now!)and eating Stage 2 baby foods. Ever since he was one, and we tried regular food, Matthew would push the food out of his mouth (if you could even get it IN there). If he couldn't push it out with his tongue, he would gag until he threw up. This is not uncommon for a child who was intubated for so long. However, he's just taking it to extreme measures.

In December, I finally got Matthew to start bringing food to his mouth. He NEVER put toys in his mouth and he NEVER would consider putting any food near his mouth. Matthew is my kid, alright, he started licking cookies until they dissolved! Hey, he can have cookies daily if it would help him learn to eat! Matthew also started tolerating having his teeth brushed. He actually enjoys it now. We have motorized toothbrushes, per request of Speech Pathologists, and he loves brushing his teeth!

Last night, as I was fixing dinner for Leigha, Robert, and Noah, I decided to go ahead and try feeding Matthew some cooked carrots. I used their tiny fork to mash it up into small pieces. Matthew did GREAT! He only gagged once! Today, the Speech Pathologist tried to give him some banana. At first she mushed it up completely. Then gradually she started giving him bigger pieces. He ended up eating a half of a banana. Granted, it took him 45 minutes to do that. We were extremely proud of him!

I am not sure what I will do with the extra time, once he learns how to eat like a regular kid! I love the idea that I might be able to stop buying baby food, finally! People in the store look at me like I am a nut job when they see me buying baby food as I tow around my trio of two-year olds. I can just imagine their thoughts, "She has ANOTHER baby at home?!"

There is only one downfall to all of these new-learned tricks. I feel like I am in a time warp and have to go through all of the stages that would normally take place in infancy! Matthew loves to pull himself up the SECOND I place him in his crib. He laughs hysterically at me, like he is saying "Look at me Mom! What are you going to do about it?!?!" Needless to say, he hasn't slept as much this past week. Oh, and now that he will put things in his mouth, he has started putting TONS of things in his mouth. I found him gnawing on his crib rails yesterday. Just when I think some of Leigha's toys might be safe, FORGET IT! Here comes Matthew!!

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