Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pet Appreciation Week

On Friday, we ended our school's Pet Appreciation Week with a Pet Hat Day! It was really fun. I ordered 17 dozen hats and visors from Oriental Trading Company. I am always a bit paranoid when I purchase items from there because half the time they fall apart as soon as you give it to someone. We lucked out BIG TIME! The puppy hats and visors were ADORABLE! I bought 6 hats and visors, even Noe and I have ours.

Cathy and Robert

My kids are just not ready for hats. You have to take the picture as the hat is being put on their heads. If you blink, then you will never have known that they were actually wearing hats!



Leigha, a beautiful kitten!

My aunt and uncle are such good sports!

Can you believe how well they are SHARING?!

I am not sure Leigha thinks it was such a great idea to bring it into the living room.

Noe told Leigha that it was time for her to pick out the girl toys that she no longer plays with, so that she can donate it to Goodwill or Safenest. I wonder what made him think about that?

Right before bed, we have a habit of running around the kitchen. Taking off their clothes is so liberating. They go wild! I chase them and tickle them. Time to wear them out!

Noah thought he could hide out under the dining room table. There is no escaping the Tickle Monster, though!

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Kei said...

What great sports your aunt & uncle are, lol. The kids are adorable in their hats~ we have to be quick with the camera when William puts one on too!