Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jaxon, Lucas and Wyatt!

On May 26, we went over to the Grubb's house to help their boys celebrate their 2ND birthday. For those of you who don't know, their three boys were born 6 weeks after mine. Since my boys were in the hospital for 98 days, we got to see their boys everyday for over a month!

Their party gave us a lot of "firsts" that night. Many people make fun of me for my lack of desire to let my kids get down and dirty. My boys stay seat belted into their wagons when we are out, they still wear bibs, and they don't get out of the house that much (other than shopping trips to Costco, Sams, Walmart, and the grocery stores). I would love to take them out more, but Noe and I work opposite of each other and it's almost impossible to take them anywhere in public and set them loose.

Well, tonight my kids were given a chance to act like kids! It all started out with food. I did not bring my booster seats so they got to sit at regular tables and picnic tables. Robert did an amazing job at their regular kitchen table. As long as I kept food in front of him, he was fine! Do you see him wearing a bib?

Leigha and Noah sat at a picnic table in the backyard. They both loved eating outside. Noah sat the entire time he was eating. I was shocked! I was also happy because I had left them out there to fend for themselves.

Matthew ate on the run! He was on his scooter, so I parked myself on the floor, right behind Robert. The hardest part was when Matthew continually would try to back away from me, but I was successful!

Robert, Noah, and Leigha were able to go on their Teeter Totter together! What a great thing for parents of triplets. There are three seats (mine aren't sitting properly).

Matthew got a shot at it, too! If I didn't think Noe would kill me, I would be getting one of those for inside our house.

Matthew was being quite the show-off at the party. He got to sit with his friend Gina. She was the one that held him at Laura's surprise party back in November. He loves her! She fed him an entire piece of cake! Although that is complete junk food, it's REGULAR FOOD!

He then stood up and tried walking with me. It takes a lot of concentration, so no smiles coming from him, TONS coming from me though!

My worst nightmare came true. I heard that my kids were having FUN! Leigha buried herself in their new sandbox, just like a mermaid. Lucky MOM! Robert and Noah got in on the fun, too.

Robert was a character. Once he got over his mommy separationg anxiety, he was unbelievable. He is my junk food eater, just like his mommy. After he finished off his cake, he made his rounds to partially eaten cake at every table. He was so content. If someone hadn't told me what he was doing, I would never have noticed. It's the quietest he has ever been. To top that off, he also learned how to drink out of a straw! He was walking around looking for juice boxes. It's a good thing I am not a major germ freak, because I don't think you can get any worse than drinking after someone else. My mom doesn't have to worry about teaching Robert how to drink out of a straw now. One down, two to go!

Unfortunately, I never got a picture of all three Grubb boys together. That is not unusual for triplets. I forgot that I was using their camera when it was time for singing Happy Birthday to them. I will have to get some of those pictures for our album! I did find Jaxon and Wyatt playing with their new cars. If Wyatt could have grabbed more cars, I am sure he would have. Can you see those adorable shirts?!

Happy 2ND Birthday, BOYS!

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The Grubbs said...

It is neat that I am reading things I had no idea of, lol. The cake thing is total surpise and AWESOME! I am glad you had a good time, it means a lot to us that you guys were there.