Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, May 28, 2007

Summerlin NICU Reunion

On Sunday, May 20, I took the kids to the Summerlin NICU reunion. This is our second one we have attended, and I hope we will be able to go every year. It's wonderful seeing the people who had a hand in saving my boys' lives, as well as seeing some of the other miracle babies grow-up, too!

We had two things going against us that day. First, it was almost 100 degrees that afternoon. Second, the party was from 1-4 p.m. on the OTHER side of town. My kids are 2, that would be their exact naptime! I am not quite sure why they would schedule the party in the afternoon. The oldest children for the NICU would be 3 now. I hope they think about that next year.

Overall, my children were wonderful! They sat in their Choo Choo Wagon the entire time, although I think they ate way too many cookies. Leigha is older, so she had the freedom to run around and bounce in the bouncy house. There are definite perks being the older child. If I had the ability to run in three separate directions, I would have let the boys out!

Leigha (on left) and the boys with the NICU mascot!

Graduates of the NICU

Dr. Leitner giving his speech

Dr. Asedifir was the nicest doctor you could ever imagine. He always took the time to explain things in a way that parents could understand. He truly loves every baby that he takes care of. We were lucky to have him taking care of our children.

Noah, Robert, Matthew, Leigha, and Dr. Asedifir

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