Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day One in NC....they almost didn't live through it!

Friday night we rolled into Asheville (well, Arden really). Once we finished checking to make sure everything was set for the kids, we set up the pack n'plays. We did this last year, so it wasn't like I had to really think out this plan. They are in a room by themselves. Each crib is set up next to each other, with a few inches between them. I made sure to push back the lamp and alarm clock on the bedside table next to Noah. He couldn't reach either. I had Matthew on the other end, and there was no way he could physically reach anything on that dresser. Robert was sandwiched in between the two. On one side of Noah was a tall dresser. On the other side of Noah and Robert was the bed. Same as last year. There was about 3-4 inches on all sides of each crib.

The one thing that scared me was the fact that Robert had not slept in his crib since we left Las Vegas. I was not about to let him sleep with me for 3 weeks. To top it off, I already had Leigha sleeping with me. We are in a tall four-poster bed. It just wasn't going to happen. Luckily, Robert acted like it wasn't a big deal at all. He remembered my parents' house! When I told them it was time to go to sleep, they all went happily to the room. Robert cried for about 15 seconds and then it was silent. SUCCESS!

Saturday was our first full day here. We were totally off of a normal schedule, but I am pretty flexible. We were way beyond the time I would normally put them down for a nap, but I decided it was time anyway. They played around in there for awhile, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. My mom and I heard them playing, then it was silent for a few minutes, then Noah whined just a bit, then back to silence.

Around 5:30 I decided that it was time to get them up so that we could go to the mall. The hallway light was on, so I could see just a little bit in their room (it was overcast outside). I saw that Robert seemed to have a bunch of things in his crib. As I got closer, I saw a wine glass standing up in his crib. If you think that was bad, as I moved closer I saw a ton of broken glass in his crib. I immediately put my hand on his back to make sure he was breathing. I then callled my mom to get in there fast. I lifted Robert up carefully, only to see that he had been sleeping on a bunch of broken glass pieces, some quite large and jagged. As my mom held him, I looked him over briefly. He had some blood on his hand and a little on his face, but looked pretty good otherwise.

Robert's crib AFTER I removed a few of the bigger pieces.

These are some of the pieces, from Robert's bed, that I was able to pick up by hand.

Then I saw the blood all over Noah's crib. I looked in there and Noah was sleeping with shattered champaigne flutes. Those are the type that shatter when they break into little slivers. I woke him up and ran him over to the kitchen. His one hand was pretty bloody, but most of it was dried. She got a bucket of soapy water and soaked his hand for awhile. Turns out that he had a flap of skin cut on his finger and a puncture type wound on his arm. THAT WAS IT!

Thankfully, Matthew was left out of this. He was just a happy camper, lying in his bed, and looking up at me. I bet he was happy to be left out of that party. Although, that meant that he was left in his crib for awhile while we took care of the other two.

My mom and I just sat there, silently freaking out. We had just decided to have my kids baptized at my mom's church on Sunday. It was a last minute idea as we left Las Vegas. My kids were definitely protected that day. I had already taken some of the glass out of the crib before I took any pictures. To have Robert sleeping on a bunch of jagged edges of a wine glass, and NOT get any punctures to his stomach, is just amazing. I thank God for looking out for them.

No one is to blame for this, unless you want to just call it the curse of the multiple minds working together. My parents had some Riedel wine glasses and flutes wrapped up in paper at the bottom of a drawer. On top of them were layers of clothing. No one really remembered that they were in there. It's never been an issue, even with Leigha when she was younger. We weren't letting the boys run around in this room. They are only in there to sleep. The drawer could barely be opened. It's big, heavy, and there was only about three inches between it and the crib. Those two little boys managed to pull all of the clothing out of the drawer. Those were the items that I saw in Robert's crib. They managed to retrieve about six of the glasses and flutes. There were six more still in the drawer.

My dad had taken Leigha to a waterfall. They came back when we were in the midst of cleaning everything up. I spent about 25 minutes cleaning and vaccuuming their cribs out. He was so shaken up that he didn't feel up to making a trip out with us that night. We didn't have a choice. I had to go to Babies R' Us and buy new sheets for their beds. I couldn't take a change on any slivers of glass being left in them after being washed. My mom and I tried to tell him that it wasn't his fault (he removed the glasses on the dresser). One kid would never have done what those two boys did. I swear, their minds are dangerous when they are together.

Leigha had a great day! She has always been afraid of my parents' two collies. They are big teddy bears, but she doesn't even like small dogs. This year she has gotten so much better. My dad handed her a leash with Nikki while he kept Kirby. Nikki is definitely the more gentle dog. I was so proud of her. Now all I had to worry about was the boys' reaction to them.

After her walk with the dogs, my dad took her to a waterfall. Unfortunately, neither of them followed directions. They both had cameras, yet I do not have one picture of their trip. The important part is that Leigha had a great time with Grandpa!


loren said...

OMG Cathy! I know exactly what you mean by "silently freaking out."

I'm usually 'visibly' calm during the crisis, freaking out afterward!

I can't believe how practically unscathed they were! Miracles happen every day, right?

Mike broke one glass on our kitchen floor a year ago, and I'm still freaked that the girls will find a big jagged chunk of it somewhere.

Glad your trip was a success :)

The Grubbs said...

I made Don come over and see the pictures after I had told him about it. We are just amazed that no one was seriously hurt. I sometimes wonder if three girls would be as hard... =)

Michele S said...

Holy Cow! That could have been a terrible mess. Glad to see they are all okay, and it will be interesting to see what they find at your parent's over the next three weeks!!!!