Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, July 09, 2007

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

There are two families, one in real life and one internet, that could use all of your positive thoughts and prayers right now.

Today, Jess found out that her husband Jon has Hodgkin's lymphoma. They are the parents of triplet boys who just turned two last month AND twin girls who are just turning one this month. Jess also lost her sister to cancer earlier this year. This was heart wrenching to read today.

Second, Michele's son Austin is going in to the hospital to have a hole drilled in his head to drain the excessive amount of Cerebral Spinal Fluid that has been collecting. He just turned two in June. Within a few weeks he went from, what we thought, a healthy boy to one who has hydrocephalus and an inoperable brain tumor. Tomorrow they are hoping that this will help the fluid drain on it's own and he would never need a permanent shunt. Please keep him, and his family, in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow (and everyday).

I have to admit that the news about Jon made me do something I should have done about six months ago. Back in September I had a pre-op appointment for my tubal ligation (after Jess and Jon had spontaneous triplets and spontaneous twins within 13 months I RAN to the doctor). It is standard procedure to have a chest xray done. They found something on my xray, but it's most likely normal. Many people have little nodules in their lungs. The only difference is that I have nothing to compare it to. Since that was my first xray of my lungs, they don't know if it's been there for a long time and is not growing. He wasn't concerned at all, but he wanted me to go back three months later to have a repeat xray done to confirm that it wasn't changing. I am a teacher and tend to work the hours of most doctors. By the time I get home, get the kids up, etc. I forget to call to make an appointment until after the office is closed. When my friend called me at school to tell me the news, I put the phone down and scheduled my appointment. I have to remember that I am not immune from things happening to me (triplets are NOT normal). I have an appointment to see my doctor on July 27.

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