Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Great Escape!

Well, I have heard the nightmare stories-was just hoping that I wouldn't have to live them! A few days ago, after putting the boys down for their nap, Noe calls me and tells me to bring him a diaper. Noah is standing in his crib without his diaper on. I guess he didn't like the fact that it was wet. I didn't have shorts on him so his diaper was easily accessible. Robert is the only one I put to bed with shorts on after his little incident in NC.

Yesterday, I had never been so happy to be running errands. I called home to find out what Noe wanted me to bring home. He had told me earlier to call him because I think he wanted food. When I called home he said he no longer wanted anything. Robert had taken off his shorts, and his POOPY DIAPER, and had tossed it over. Well, he also got it on him, the crib, the wall, etc. Thankfully Noe has been slacker when it came to putting up the crib tents- that would have been AWFUL!

Needless to say, Robert got a bath, the others were threatened not to follow suit, and the room was cleaned. By the time we finished (I got home a bit too early and had to help clean the crib)the boys didn't go down for their nap until about 3:30 p.m.

This morning was a LITTLE bit better. I found Robert naked on the bottom and he had pulled his shirt over his head, but it was stuck behind his neck since he still had his arms in it. Hopefully I scared him enough that he won't try that again. I am avoiding the upstairs right now. I am fearful of what awaits me at the end of nap time!

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laraine said...

Oh - that does not sound like fun!!. I don't know how I would handle that.

Apparently, I used to grace my mother with poop paintings waaayyyy back when - so the fact that I have managed to get through my childrens diaper years without having the experience this is amazing to me. It was definitely pure luck with that one.

BTW - I put in my vote for Rachel the other day!. I love the signing time videos!. My kids have learned so much from them.