Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, August 20, 2007

Deja Vu

I really shouldn't have opened my mouth yesterday! As I was typing my last entry, about Robert escaping his poopy diaper, he was at it again! I hit submit and walked out of my office to hear him crying, or actually screaming.

Noe and I looked at each other and knew it. He has either gotten stuck trying to get out of his crib (he will be lying on the side rail on his tummy gripping it for his dear life!) or he has pooped and decided to share it with the room. I was wrong- it was both! Robert was butt-naked, laying on his tummy on the bar with his legs and arms curled around trying to balance on a 1 inch rail, and poop noticeably all over the room. Thankfully (yes, there is a bright side), he decided not to touch the wall this time. He had it on his hand and the railing he was holding on to for dear life.

Unlike Noe, I made this experience a miserable one for him. I picked (yanked) him off the crib and plopped him into my shower. I told him to sit on his butt and not move. Wow- he actually listened to me. I cleaned up the room, changed his sheets, and wiped down his crib with the cleaning wipes.

Trying to keep a straight and stern face (instead of laughing at him), I walked into the bathroom and told him that he better sit still and not say anything. Robert is the type that freaks out as I pour water on his head. I try to keep it out of his face and make it fast but he always shoots up like a rocket. NOT TODAY! Yesterday Noe bathed him in his regular tub downstairs. You know, the one with the toys?! That was not happening today! I turned the water on, didn't plug it up, and decided I would just dump the water straight over his head. He didn't budge! Robert knew I meant I business.

I dressed him, put him back in his crib, and he was fine for the rest of the afternoon. I swear if those other boys are taking notes I might scream! Today I have decided to try to hold out for a poopy diaper before nap time, try to put him on the potty seat before nap time, and put a onesie AND shorts on him.

If I have to come back and post that it happened again, it won't be pretty!


Crisat said...

I am waiting with great anticipation for the next entry! Hurry up woman, update on Mr Poop!

Mir said...

We went through that with our little beast, only rather than taking his diapers off, he would just stick his hands down the back........GUGH.

Are you thinking of moving him to a twin bed anytime soon? Our little guy turns 2 next month, and we've moved a twin bed into his room, but...haven't moved him yet. It's a LOT of work keeping a toddler in their bed....I can't imagine trying to keep two or three in their beds at the same time!

Kei said...

They must be keeping you busy... I keep checking your blog but no new ones ;)

Amber said...

I have a friend whose son would take his close off and play with his poo as well. She duct taped his diaper on and then put his zip up jammies on backwards and safety pinned them closed. I don't remember if she did both at the same time or not. But it solved her problem.

Good luck with that :)

Michele S said...

Do you know that mine never did that? Not even once! None of them. Oh, thank GOD!

You may need to shorten nap time now. From what I read, they start doing that if they aren't tired, but are in their cribs and are bored and awake. How long is their nap time now? You might try 2.5 hours if you are still at three. If they are asleep, they aren't playing in poop!!!!

You better get those crib tents on, STAT!