Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes, They Are Still Alive!

Maybe not for long, but they are currently alive. I haven't been here to post because I don't have time or the energy after dealing with THEM!

Robert is still escaping his clothing when he gets a chance. The only thing that works is to keep a onesie on him backwards. So for now, that is how he will go down for naps and bedtime. I am holding off on the crib tents. I have NO desire to put them up until I make sure that this diaper isn't coming off. I have put Robert on the potty seat a few times but he has no idea he is supposed to go on there. Not sure I am ready for full fledge potty training either.

The reason I have been avoiding blogging is that they are driving me NUTS! It has been a hectic few weeks. Within 3 weeks I had the end of the school year things to cram in, a visit from Val (my step-daughter), and then preparing for the new school year. Those three boys decided this was a great time to behave like a typical two-year old TIMES three!

Tuesday, after dealing with Robert undressing and pitching his poop TWICE, turned worse! I was unable to get to the kids, but could hear them. They stopped my dishwasher mid-cycle and emptied out the entire bottom rack. Dishes were all over the train table, the silverware was all thrown over the the gate, and even a few dishes were thrown over the gate and into the playroom. Thankfully, nothing was broken. About an hour later I went to the bathroom for 30 SECONDS! I came out to find that they had managed to get a hold of my tin foil and had it spread all over the playroom. THIRTY SECONDS!

It is a really good thing that these boys are cute. If not, I think Leigha might be back to being an only child. Needless to say, starting back to school on Wednesday didn't sound so bad that night.


Liz said...

God made our children so adorably cute to us for a reason! :)

My girls have hit the horrible 4s....they gang up on me! They laugh at me and beat me down to a bloody pulp witht he whining!! But my gosh, they are so flipping cute I can't stand it! and that is why they are not put up for adoption!!!

Laura said...

Boy, I thought I had it bad!! I will now count my blessings.