Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, September 16, 2007


News Bulletin: Mother of four has ripped her fingers apart and put her kids to bed at 10 p.m. What was she thinking? For one, it's a school night for the eldest child. Secondly, the eldest child never got her bath and will now have to get up in the morning and take one. Third, mother is exhausted and still has the rest of the house to clean and laundry to do. Don't forget those pesky lesson plans!

Have you ever started a project that you almost wish you hadn't? I do this all of the time. When the boys were in the NICU, Noe took Leigha to Texas for a week. I thought this would be a brilliant time to paint Leigha's bedroom. Our old house was white. Our new house is white. I have issues trying to picture my house in anything BUT white. I visited the hospital daily, but it was a weekend, I could do this. I felt great about it for the first half hour. Then I looked at the yellow, partially painted, stucko textured wall with great dispair. I had immediate regrets. However, I was proud of it when I finished it. Noe didn't think I could do it. THE CHALLENGE was on! I think it turned out nicely!

We have since added butterflies and Disney princesses, too.

Well, tonight was another one of those nights where I decided to start something I wish I hadn't. I have been on the run all day long. After nap time, I decided that we would just stay home, play, cook dinner, bathe everyone, and then off to bed. Then I could clean and work on my lesson plans. It started off great! The kids all played in the backyard (yes, I let them out of the house now). I cooked spaghetti, seeing that it was bath night. Everyone loved it and gobbled it down. During this time I washed all of the boys' bed sheets, blankets, and lovies. I started the boys' bath and had everything set out for them. I brushed their hair, cleaned out the bath tub for Leigha, and then asked her to keep an eye on the boys while I made their beds.

Then the trouble began. I walked into their room and stared at those dang crib tents that have been piled on the side for over a month. Noe has been PROMISING he would put them up. I am glad he procrastinates (like I ever do that- LOL!)because Robert started taking off his diaper and throwing his poop shortly after they arrived. Could you imagine that poop smeared all over a crib tent?! After Robert went a week without taking his diaper off, I asked Noe to put them up. It's now been about 3 weeks! I had it! I didn't spend $150 on these for nothing. Robert has gotten stuck climbing out of his crib and was successful one time. Noah smiles at me as he hikes his leg over the railing. I know it was only a matter of time.

What better time to put them together, clean sheets and all. So I started to do it. Really, it wouldn't have been that bad it I only had ONE to put together. Once I got the first one finished, I was finished! However, anyone with triplets knows that you can't do something for one child and not the other two. There was no turning back.

When I finally finished, I was sweating and my fingers are torn apart from the velcro. I looked at my clock and it was 9:50 p.m. Did I mention this was a school night? I ran downstairs and collected the boys. As they crawled/walked up the stairs, Robert was the first to notice the changes. How do I know this? He walked straight to his room. No running around into the other rooms, slamming doors on me. I tried to make them as excited as possible. I placed (threw) each of them in their crib and left it unzipped.

Noah thought it was funny and immediately started investigating.

Robert, on the other hand, was a bit apprehensive about this new thing around his crib.

Matthew was just relaxing in his new home.

Noah was the first to be zipped up! This was all still fascinating to him.

Matthew wasn't sure if he could stand up or not.

Robert just had a petrified look on his face for a moment.

Mom had the last laugh, as Noah tried to throw his blanket at me!

Too bad I hadn't put these up BEFORE they tore down the border! I turned on their music, walked out the door, heard them say "night night" a few times, and then NOTHING! No crying, no screaming, just absolute SILENCE!



The Grubbs said...

YAY! Way to go Cathy! They are a pain to put on, but it is a bit reassuring once they are in place!

crista said...

LOVE it! You're so right about the border. Maybe we should just start our infants off in crib tents LOL.
or maybe it's that particular border. Caroline had a field day with it too, then we had to put our house on the market. The joys.

Tamara said...

LOL!! oh those crib tents are awesome! what I wouldn't have given to have one for Colton (who started climbing out of his crib at 11mos., I even caught him on camera to see exactly how he did it!). I might have actually showered more during that time..ha!
Leigha's room is so pretty..love the yellow!

Michele S said...

It's about time!!!! I'm getting ready to put one on Austin's crib too.

I love the paint job. Good work!

Kei said...

I could have used those when my older kids were little. By the time I'd heard about them with William, he'd outgrown the crib.

And I know what you mean about starting a project you almost wish you hadn't, LMAO... I do it all the time!!!!

Laura said...

We love the crib tent. The other day I guess I didn't zip it completely and Nicholas unzipped it, but stayed in it!

By the way, Nicky went through the pulling the diaper off and painting - and yes, it is a big mess in the crib tent. We have had to wash it several times.

Leigha's room looks fabulous! I love the yellow and you did a fabulous job!