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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Labor Day

I hate when I don't write about events in the order that they happened. Normally I would just hold off on the more recent stuff and then just catch up later. However, exciting things happen and I can't wait to write about events (Matthew taking his first steps with the grocery cart)!

On Labor Day, Nat, Rick, and our family joined my brother-in-law and his family for a barbeque. They have a house in an older section of Las Vegas. That means they have a YARD and their house doesn't look the same as the other 20 on the block. Felix has worked really hard on remodeling this house. Their daughter, Natasha, is just a few months younger than my boys. They also had another baby, Chloe, this past July. Chloe is an amazing sleeper. She slept through the entire barbeque! She was in a bouncy seat on the couch and I never heard a peep out of her.

Leigha was loving the fact that they had a swingset! She spent most of the day at their house playing. When we first talked about moving, we told Leigha that we would get a swing set for the back yard. However, once Noe got together with the landscaping company, he decided we didn't have enough room. OUCH! Telling a four year old one thing and then not doing it isn't SMART! It has been a long time since I have head anything about a swingset, until that day. "Mom, I want a swingset." Ugh!

Robert didn't shock me at all, he immediately went for the broom. He is my worker. My only hope is that he continues to be my worker when he is old enough to actually help out! With my luck he will be tired out and complain when I ask him to do some yardwork or housework. I think Robert has his work cut out for him, the entire back yard is full of rocks!

Noah really surprised me! He decided that he wanted in on this sweeping fun. As soon as Robert put the broom down, he was all over it!

Matthew rode his scooter, back and forth, on the main cement patio. I think everyone was a bit shocked to see how fast he could do a u-turn on it!

Matthew can be a bit stubborn sometimes, to say the least. After the main patio, there was a regular sized sidewalk, then it went to a full circle around a bar, back to a regular sidewalk, and finally to the swingset. The rest of it was rocks! Matthew started going down the center part and was doing fine for awhile. Then he decided that he would try going off in the rocks. He just didn't realize that he can't go off-roading on a little plastic scooter. Matthew's front right wheel would go off the sidwalk and he would be stuck. After a few times of getting him back on the sidewalk, he headed to the main patio again. I thought he finally learned his lesson. All this time I had a video camera in one hand and my camera in the other. I then WATCHED my son go towards the rocks, where there is a huge drop off, HEAD on. Which of course meant that he was about to flip over, head first. Did I mention I WATCHED this happen? With both my hands full, I watched in slow motion as the front two wheels went down and Matthew went face first into the rocks. Let me tell you, it was a long time before Noe stopped telling me how my cameras meant more to me than Matthew. Matthew didn't cry at all. When I picked him up, he had a few marks and bumps on his forehead. Nat ran and got him some ice, but he wouldn't let me put it on there. That's when it's time to hand him off to Noe. They will do ANYTHING for him or EVERYTHING he says. It's downright ANNOYING!

Robert and Natasha were funny to watch. Natasha kept calling for Robert to come to her, he kept RUNNING away from her. It was priceless. Robert picked up a rock and threw it in the dog's water dish. Natasha thought that was the funniest thing in the world so she joined in (her parents seemed ok with this rock business).

Robert was having a blast!

Natasha followed Robert's lead.

Finally, Noah decided to join in on the rock collecting.

Matthew finally had his turn at the sweeping. He loves to hold on to things as he scoots around.

Leigha continued to have a great time playing with the rocks and water. We should consider getting rid of our toys and just making a rock lot for our kids. That should keep them busy and happy!

Now it was time for some real fun! We all headed back to the swingset. My boys haven't been on a swingset since they were one. It was about time we reintroduced them. Leigha was having a great time.

Noah's first big boy swing ride!

For anyone that knows my kids, seeing Robert with Beauty is absolutely amazing! My kids are pretty much over their fear of dogs (they still need to warm up to them though).

I am not sure if Matthew was more shocked or just excited to be on the swingset!

I think he was just having fun!

Natasha is just a pro at the swings. My kids need to hang out with her more often. Look at that confidence!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time with our friends and family. It was a perfect Labor Day!

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loren said...

I love how the boys were being so helpful with the broom. Something about brooms and swiffers at our house, too!

(and those scooters can turn on a dime, can't they! our littlest girl still loves whipping around on them even though she's getting too tall for it)