Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


After school today, Leigha and I had to drive to the school district building to drop off some paper work. I actually took 15 credits last year, which pushed me over the edge of the next pay scale bump. If I stay in this district, I only have 14 more credits to take before I max out at the top educational level. Well, I guess I could get my doctorate, but for $500 a year more I just don't see the worth in that degree. Yes, Jimmy, your third grade teacher is Dr. Ybarra. That just doesn't sound right!

On the way home, Leigha kept suggesting (strongly) that we stop and pick up some pizzas. It has been awhile for us, so I gave in. She twisted my arm. I REALLY wanted to cook, clean, do dishes, etc. She took all the fun out of my evening. Too bad she didn't find a way to talk me out of the baths.

I made the boys wait a bit, after seeing the pizza boxes in my arms, before they ate. That was absolute torture. When I was ready to feed them, after checking out the internet, they were ready! Noah and Robert jumped up into their seats and waited (not patiently) for their pizza.

Matthew was ready for dinner, too. He always has to wait patiently for me to get his dinner ready. First I get the food and drinks going for Robert and Noah. Then I get out the baby food for him. Today I decided to go ahead and cut a half of a slice of pizza for him just so he had something to play with. That playing turned into EATING!

I wasn't the only one a bit surprised!

Matthew wasn't only sucking or licking the pizza, he was BITING it!

He was on a mission to prove something to us all.

Fast forward an hour, he is still working away at that piece of pizza. I kept asking if he was done, but there was no way he was going anywhere until that piece was eaten!

Look at how small it is now!

Success! Matthew ate the entire (half) piece of pizza. It took him over an hour and a half to do it, but he DID it. He also ate his regular baby food jars, too. I think he probably burned more calories trying to eat the pizza than what was in the pizza. It's a great start though. A few months ago if I handed him a piece of pizza it would have been launched across the kitchen. I just couldn't believe he is taking bites! Last night he spent 30 minutes licking a vanilla wafer to death. He never really cracked into it. So today was just HUGE!

Way to go, Matthew!


Liz said...

Matthew is so amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing his triumps with us!!!

Kei said...

Go Matthew!!
Aren't you glad Leigha twisted your arm to get pizza? LMAO!

Pizza last night~ what does that mean they get tonight while you're at chat? More pizza? (said in my best Rachel Coleman voice, while signing)

laraine said...

Cathy - that is so awesome!.

Go Matthew!!.

You sounds like one proud Mommy - and you have every right to be :_).

Anna said...

Hooray for the pizza! As the mom of a former preemie I have experience with these crazy feeding issues!

I found you through a triplets site, and wonder if you would consider stopping by my site to offer some advice for a newly pregnant triplet mom, and if other triplet moms read your site, would you consider posting it for them to go to?

Many thanks!
Anna at Hank and Willie


Brenda said...

LOL..it made all your google ads about pizza! WTG Matthew!!
How do you do pizza in sign language? Rachel does it so fast on the video we can't catch it.

loren said...

we gave up on pizza a long time ago - all three of them suck on the toppings and I have to force them to spit em out later! so kudos to matthew, who has accomplished a lot the last few weeks :)

I laughed when you said: 3rd grade teacher Dr. Ybarra. My friend is going for her doctorate and she plans to be an elementary school teacher. No one could talk her out of it! Hard part is - she hasn't even been out of college to work yet, or save up money to pay back those loans

Sorry for rambling...