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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seven Years in the Making!

After seven long years, I finally met a good friend of mine. Kerry was in town with some of her family for the weekend. I know it sounds strange, how can people be friends yet never meet each other?! It's easy if you have ever been part of an online group.

Kerry and I "met" back in 2000 when we found out that we were expecting our first babies in March of 2001. Members came and went, but there was a core group of girls that have stuck together for 7 years (adding some great new friends along the way). Kerry actually lived in the city I grew up skating in. We were supposed to get together a few different times, but something always came up. I have friends who have met her, but it was finally my turn!

Kerry and I have chatted over webcams and on the phone. You would never have known that we hadn't met each other before. There was absolutely no tension and I, of course, never stopped talking (sorry Kerry).

I drove to the strip to pick her up (halting all traffic in a turn lane) and go have lunch. We parked at the MGM and walked through the casino. You can't go through the casino without stopping at the Lion Habitat. I was a tourist! I came toting my large camera bag so that I could fit in. I still can't walk as slow as the tourists, but I sure tried!

We walked along the strip, chatting away, until we finally decided on eating at the Paris. I don't think I could possibly get that close to La Creperie without visiting, so I talked Kerry into crepes for lunch. It was great! She agreed to split a lunch crepe and my normal dessert crepe. I have never given a regular crepe a chance. I can't eat two crepes and I can't live without my Favorite (berries). I might have to split crepes more often, the St. Louis (ham and cream sauce)was wonderful!

After lunch, we made our way back to the MGM. I had to get home to relieve my aunt and uncle from my kids. I really wanted Kerry to meet my kids, considering I know her because of them! After the boys woke up from their naps, I packed the kids in the van and drove back to the strip. We only got to visit for a few minutes, but it was worth it! I got to meet Kerry's parents, her brother and his wife, and another couple. They were all very sweet!

Cathy and Kerry

Kerry, Leigha, Noah, Robert, and Matthew (left to right)

There is a big drawback of having friends on the internet, most of them live nowhere near me! I look forward to meeting up with Kerry next summer when I take my 3rd drive across the country.

My aunt and uncle had offered to have Leigha stay the night, so we left the hotel and headed over to their house. Since it was way past their dinner time, we picked up chicken nuggets on the way there. I couldn't believe what I saw my aunt do next. She took each of them and plopped them on these HIGH bar stools at their counter. I think I must have had my jaw on the floor. I just looked at my boys with amazement. They looked like they had been sitting up there since they were born. Even Matthew was holding himself up there well! It was a reality check for me, that was for sure. I guess they might just be ready to be turned around and to use the table instead of the trays on their booster seats. I might be ready for that, maybe in a few more years!

Matthew was amazing me. This is the boy that would NOT put anything to his lips until earlier this year. It wasn't until then that he would finally put a cookie to his mouth and lick it. This is the two and a half-year old boy who still eats baby food for his main source of nutrition. He kept trying to take the other kids' food! He was licking Cheetos, he was grabing chips, etc. My aunt brought out some dehydrated blueberries. I thought there was no way he would do anything with that, other than spit them out if you plopped it in his mouth. Boy was I wrong!

Can you tell how many he has in there?! (Click on the picture to see the view in greater detail!) He didn't even gag, he just kept shoving them in, one after another!

He mostly sucks on things and then swallows them. Recently he has started chewing a little bit. I think he's making progress finally. I might not have to have baby food shipped to his dorm room in college!

It was a wonderful, but exhausting, day. The boys were in bed by 9 p.m., Leigha was at my aunt's and uncle's, and Noe was working. I had PEACE and QUIET!

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Kei said...

That's awesome. I love meeting my online friends IRL. There are still A LOT that I've known for years but have yet to meet face-to-face. It's cool, though, when you finally get to meet someone you know online~ it's less like meeting them and more like just catching up w/an old friend!

Great pictures!