Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now You Don't!

Sunday was another day filled of endless adventures! My aunt and uncle came over for a barbecue. Noe grilled hamburgers, sausage, chicken shishkabobs, and steak. While we were getting the food ready, Aunt Bobbie played with the kids in the backyard. They LOVE when Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry come for visits, they are way more fun than Mom and Dad!

Aunt Bobbie and Noah

Matthew's turn!

I finally thought to put the cats up in my bedroom so that the boys could roam around inside and out. See, I am capable of having brilliant ideas. They are just far and few between!

Robert enjoyed his relaxtion time, just like Grandpa!

Since there were so many people there, we decided to let the kids sit outside to eat. I think this was a first, when all of the adults can eat sitting down! I know that doesn't happen here very often. The boys did suprisingly well.

While we were at Walmart the night before, my mom bought the kids a vaccuum cleaner. The kids love the play one, the one Noe despises, and they love to "clean" our floors. My mom has this vacuum at her work and she said it would be great for them. All you have to do is charge it inbetween use and it's ready to go! It is very light weight and it can lay almost flat down to get underneat furniture. Better still, the boys can watch as it sucks up the stuff from the floors! I think that was the best idea ever, we are teaching the kids how to do their future chores! I wonder if they will think it's so neat later on?

Noah was the best vacuumer. He would move around the room, as oppoosed to Robert who just pushed and pulled it in the same exact spot!

I think I know who will be in charge of vacuuming in a few years!

Robert waited patiently for his turn. He was in charge of the kitchen floor, although Noah felt it was necessary to watch over him closely to make sure he was doing it right!

The weekend was wonderful, but my parents' trip went by too fast! We did manage to pack 3 solid days of fun into the weekend. I will take three fun days over nothing anytime!


The Grubbs said...

It looks like you guys had a great time with your parents, so much new stuff for the boys to do. I love all the pictures!

loren said...

I used to LOVE vacuuming when I was little and it's still my favorite chore :)

Now if only you could get someone to love scrubbing the toilet or doing the dishes...