Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now You See Them...continued

On Saturday, November 3rd, my aunt came over in the morning to take the kids to the park. This is the ideal situation, there was one adult per two year-old. This is the only way that my kids can go to a park, especially one that is not gated in.

My kids have never been climbers. It took YEARS to get Leigha to climb up the equipment and go down the slide on her own. She was always too scared. Maybe this was my fault, she led a sheltered life! She got a bit more adventurous after she started preschool.

The boys have it much worse! Since Noe and I work opposite of each other, we are basically single parents. He is home with them during the day. Noe NEVER takes them out, by himself, unless it's a doctor's appointment he has been forced to take them to. He also has people coming over every other day for appointments. It used to be every day almost, now it's two or three days a week. So in his defense, it's hard to go anywhere.

The boys started off having access to the family room only. Eventually we turned our dining room into a play room. Then the kitchen was opened up. That is it. They have run of those three room. We started taking them out to the backyard here and there.

I take the kids on errands when I am home. Doesn't that sound like a ton of fun?! It gets even better! They are seat belted in to their Choo Choo wagon the entire time. In order to train 2 toddlers to walk next to the cart (Matthew can't walk)requires two adults. Noe and I don't have much of an opportunity to take them out together.

As a result of their sheltered lives, they normally do not want to go on the playground equipment. That is no longer true for Robert! He was coerced into climbing up the stairs to the slide. He was kind of "pushed" down a slide. That's all it took. He would get off the slide, walk over to the stairs, climb the stairs, make his way back to the slide, and go down. This cycle repeated with very few breaks. He's hooked!

He is definitely more confident!

Can you see the stress that he is causing my father?

A little friendly competition never hurt a brother and sister (or did it Lee?)

Noah, on the other hand, would have NOTHING to do with the play equipment. All he wanted to do was to run up and down the hill. My aunt and I took turns with him, he made us work out more than the other two!

He was very happy and content with the hills and running away from me!

Matthew was content with just riding around the entire park on his scooter. He didn't seem to want to get on the play equipment at all. He was happiest when he could go where ever he wanted to go!

After awhile, and seeing the red cheeks on Robert, it was time for a mandatory rest break. I broke out the drinks and their crackers. That kept them busy, but not for long!

I think my dad enjoyed his break, too. No one was able to take a break at the park!

The break didn't last long, the kids were ready to get back to playing!

Leigha enjoyed the slides just as much as Robert did!

Eventually I gently forced Noah down the slide, with me of course. He was not too happy at the time. However, he got up enough courage to climb the stairs at the end. He climbed up the stairs and then scooted back down them on his behind! I could hear him saying, "wheeeeeee!" It was cute!

Just when you think the fun is over, I took Matthew down the slide (against his will, too)!

After an hour and a half, we were EXHAUSTED! We headed home for lunch and nap time. On Saturday night we took my dad down to the strip to walk around for awhile. We didn't want to drive all the way down, back the house, and then have to turn right back around to go pick him up, so we headed off to Walmart. I know, that is definitely the highlight of their visit, right? The kids got to eat at McDonalds and Grandma and I got to do a little Christmas shopping. Just as we were finishing dinner, the phone rang. My dad was ready to be picked up. It worked out perfectly! We were all ready for a good night sleep!

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