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Monday, November 12, 2007

Now You See Them...

Last weekend my parents made a whirlwind trip to Vegas. On July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) I found a great deal on flights. My parents normally fly out of Greenville, SC because it's cheaper and it's only 1.5 hours from their house. Unfortunately, the airport 5 MINUTES from their house is a lot more expensive! Usually it's rare to find a flight for less than $300 from Greenville.

On July 7, Allegiant Airlines offered a special on weekend trips to Vegas. I got them each a one-way ticket for $7. YES, I typed that correctly! Their flights to Vegas were $7 each. The return flights were about $89 if I remember right. So they each got a round trip flight for $96 plus taxes.

I did learn one thing about Allegiant, everything is a la carte. If you want to reserve specific seats, you pay. If you want to check luggage, you pay. Luckily my parents didn't have any luggage to check, so that wasn't an issue.

My next fear was that they would arrive at 11:59 p.m. Friday and have to leave Sunday morning at 6 a.m. That would be our luck, a one day trip only. WRONG! This is the first time they have ever had a straight through flight. They (we) have always had to change planes one time in Chicago, Denver, or Dallas. They arrived at 8:50 a.m. on Friday morning and left at 11 p.m. on Sunday night. We basically had three full days. Just not long enough! I am not used to short visits, but I was happy with 3 days as opposed to nothing.

I had to take the day off of work on Friday and Leigha didn't think it was very fair that she couldn't! I told her what any good mom would say, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!" Ok, I didn't put it quite like that. She was fine with it as soon as I told her that Grandma would be picking her up in the afternoon.

That night my aunt and uncle came over for dinner. We all dined on London Broil, green bean casserole, bread, and veggies. At the end we conducted science experiments on the kids. Much to my friend Michele's horror, we let the kids have another one of the Fun-dough cookies from our school fundraiser. One of Michele's daughters has horrible reactions to Red Dye 40. I think Michele had a heart attack when she saw the pictures of the cookies when we made them. They are BRIGHT red, blue, green, and yellow. Matthew makes them look soooo appetizing.

Green beans and cookies, YUMMMM!

One day last year we noticed that there was something that looked like a chip on Noah's front tooth. I couldn't quite figure out if he chipped it or if it was a side effect from the TPN (yellow nutrients) that they were on for so long in the NICU. Robert's teeth are yellow from the TPN, so I figured maybe it affected Noah's teeth. Preemies are prone to big dental problems (like my family doesn't have enough already with the missing teeth). I just don't remember him ever crying like he was hurt.

Recently I have decided that he must have chipped it. His reaction to cold food is so funny, in a painful sort of way. When ever we give him bites of ice cream, he holds it in his mouth with a freaked out look on his face. Eventually he starts to move it around and swallow it. Then he wants more. It almost hurts me to watch him. Note to self: call dentist tomorrow!

Ice cream just hit!

Ahhh, now it tastes good.

Here we go again!

I swear I really like ice cream!

See! We love ice cream!

When we moved from our old house (1411 sq. ft.) to our new house (2288 sq. ft.) I had so many plans for a nice clean house. I had just recently found out I was pregnant and then move about 3 weeks later. It is a 5 bedroom house. We had our master bedroom, Leigha's room, we each had an office, and then the baby's room. Two weeks AFTER we moved in I found out that we were having triplets. There went my nice, clean, spacious house. The kids have taken over our entire downstairs! The only thing remotely resembling the dining room I used to have is the china cabinet and my dining room table collapsed and up against a wall. The 6 chairs, my doll cabinet, and my other kitchen table are all lined up on the walls in my bedroom. I would love to take the dining room table up there too because the kids enjoy knocking the flaps sometimes. Noe doesn't want to take it out because the kids love hiding under it (see picture above).

Noe even went as far as to take our closet door off the hinges and put it away. The kids kept trying to go in and out of the closet. He didn't like the fact that the door would hit the picture on the wall or that someone might get their fingers slammed in the door. The truth of the matter was that he thought that it made a great little place to play. So I filled up the space under Leigha's bed with the contents of that closet. Now the boys have another little room to call their own. My office is the only room downstairs that is not a kids' room. Wait, Leigha's computer and all of the boys things are in here. I take that back, they have my entire downstairs. The adults have surrendered.

My aunt has this thing about putting headbands on my boys. I would have put a stop to it, but my uncle was in on the action, too!

Grandma and Noah

Noah put it on Uncle Jerry.

That headband sure got around!

Leigha hung out while the boys were getting their baths. I just love to see her with a book in her hand!

I always love when other people are around for bath time! They get a glimpse of how it feels to bathe three two-year olds at the same time. The only difference that night was that there was one adult per kid when it came time to getting them dressed. It was still a tug-of-war to keep them from running!

Matthew's progress amazes us every day. Two years ago we did not picture him climbing over our furniture. We were secretly just hoping that he didn't suffer any brain damage due to the lack of oxygen for so long.

Robert loved hanging out with my dad (his namesake). It was so funny to watch him that weekend. Every time my dad would leave the room, Robert went searching for Grandpa. He kept signing grandpa and would wander around looking for him. He never escaped without Robert noticing.

Snuggle (aka tickle) time!

The kids and I chase each other around the kitchen all the time. You might think I am crazy to do this before bedtime, but I think it gets their energy out. They will run around non-stop and eventually they peel off into the living room, dining room, or over the couch. The smiles and hysterical laughter is worth the energy I must find to keep going!

Robert is the fastest one.

Noah either runs into a dead end or he tries to escape over the couch.

Matthew did a great job of using his walker instead of riding on his scooter (he is amazingly FAST on his scooter).

Bed time is not going as smoothly as it used to. I still have to stay at the rear of the pack as they climb up the stairs. I have had two go down, so I know I need to be there. However, now the problem is also the leader of the pack! Robert learned to climb the ladder to get on Leigha's bed. Remember her bed, the one that was taller than she is?!

Then we have to deal with the jealousy. I decided that one night we would put them all up on the bed for a few minutes. It was the first and the last time for that. They scared the heck out of us every time they started standing up and getting near the drop off points!

To be continued...

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Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

SEVEN DOLLARS out of GSP?! Wow - I fly in and out of that airport everytime I go back to SC (once a year?). What an awesome deal!! Of course, with all the luggage that we have - it would probably wind up costing us a small fortune, anyway.

But if not, the money I save could be spent on every different color of crocs that they make (What do you mean they're "butt ugly Ewwwwww!!"?!) You need you some awygator shoes. That's what they're called around these parts...