Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last year my cousin gave Leigha her Christmas present early. Much to Leigha's delight, it was a gingerbread house kit. My reaction wasn't excitement until I realized that Ashley wanted to make the gingerbread house with Leigha! Phew...I got out of the dirty work! Leigha had a wonderful time and LOVED that house. She was pretty sad when it was time to throw it away, but I made her feel better about it when I told her she could ATTEMPT to eat the candy off of the house. She realized that the house didn't taste so good weeks later.

The other day I sent Noe to the grocery store (I need to post about my hatred of sending him to the store some day). Much to Leigha's delight, Noe walks in with a gingerbread house kit. Once again, I wasn't thrilled until I learned that Noe planned on helping her put it together. Yes, I am not the fun parent! Noe is the one that lets them paint, color, etc. At least I am aware of that fact, right?

A few days later Leigha's teacher called me into her classroom after school one day. I always cringe when someone wants to talk to me about Leigha or tell me a "Leigha Story." I am a teacher. I know kids tell their teachers WAY MORE than a parent would like. I am just waiting for Leigha to say or do something that will mortify me. I guess I should lighten up, everyone thinks Leigha is hysterical. Her teacher told me how proud she was of Leigha and ME! During the sentence dictation, for their daily journal, Leigha was called on. Here is her sentence, "I am excited to make my gingerbread house tonight, but I have to do my homework first." Aww, she remembered what I said! Definitely a proud mom moment.

Noe has never put together a gingerbread house, but that doesn't stop him. This house went up much faster than last year. That is due to the difference in adult helpers. My cousin Ashley is an engineer. She is very methodical in her calculations. Let's just say Noe is the exact opposite!

In the end, they had a wonderful time doing it together. Due our work and school schedules, Leigha doesn't get to spend as much time with her dad anymore. When she does see him, her brothers are around. Even though Noe felt he didn't do a great job putting it together, Leigha will only remember how much fun she had doing it with her dad.

It was a beautiful house until the Cannibals struck. I was only gone for a few minutes to get dressed. That seems to be enough time for a cannibal. I came downstairs to see some frosting on Robert's lips. He looks at me innocently and said, "Matthew...what did you do?" The gingerbread man's head was gone, as well as his legs. Matthew innocently just stared at Robert. I think he was hoping that his mom would have sense enough to realize the one with the frosting on the mouth was the guilty cannibal. To this date, the gingerbread men are gone and so is the top of the tree.

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