Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Give Up!

There is one thing I have been guilty of for the past 2.5 years. I do not take the kids to get their pictures taken professionally. I was pretty good about it with Leigha, just a month off here and there. Unfortunately, I have been a procrastinator ever since the boys were born. I procrastinate everything else, why not pictures!?

When they were babies I kept putting it off, waiting for the boys to come off the oxygen. After Robert and Noah came off their oxygen, I said I would wait for Matthew to come off his oxygen. Along the way I realized that just wasn't in the near future, so I better not wait. However, the tape that held his nasal canula in place kept eating away at his skin. I would have to wait for it to heal!

When the boys were a little over one year old, I did take the kids to have their pictures taken together for Father's Day. Those are the ONLY professional pictures I have of them. Matthew has been off of his ogygen for over a year, yet do you see any professional pictures yet? NO!

There is only one thing keeping me from taking the kids to get their pictures taken. Well, two, they REALLY need haircuts! The main reason is that I know they will NOT cooperate! Have you ever tried to get three 2.5 year olds to all smile at the same time? If there was a miracle and all three were smiling, do you think Leigha would choose to smile at that exact moment?

I have not sent out my Christmas letters because I still have no picture to put in them. We were supposed to go to some parties last weekend, where we would have seen Santa, but we had to cancel since we all have been so sick. I have hopes that maybe tomorrow might be the day!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

If I were to take them in, I am sure that I would leave in a straight jacket. On the other hand, they sure are cute!




They absolutely love playing with Aunt Bobbie.

I finally uploaded some photos from the last month. Here are some fun shots that might just give you a glimpse into our everyday life. Our computers are no longer safe!

Leigha gets upset at times when the boys get near her forts. I have to remind her that if she wants them to play with her, she has to accept the destruction that it causes. Robert played nice though!

We are hoping that Santa brings the boys some really neat toys this year. I start to worry that they will only like pink toys with princesses or barbies all over them. Matthew is addicted to Leigha's Barbie Laptop, however Robert managed to sneak away with it!

If that's not bad enough, Leigha loves to put her pink coat in Robert and watch him run around the house with it over his head!

Here we go again...another attempt to get the four of them together, looking at me, and smiling at the same time! A girl can dream, can't she?

Mom...you are starting to scare us. Please stop yelling and turning red!

At least they are cute! That's what I keep telling myself as my temper gets the best of me!


jana francis said...

Your children are so beautiful! How you find time to blog is beyond me!

Janna said...

God bless your wonderful family!