Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rachel's Hanging Sweaters 101 Class

Who knew she could teach something other than sign language?! Tonight was a pretty funny night. I think our conversations were going from Christmas to pet peeves, which led into a pet peeve about laundry. I don't quite remember how it came up, but Rachel told us how to hang sweaters so there aren't shoulder marks. Out comes Sweater Hanging 101 class. Imagine everyone grabbing their hangers and a sweater and trying to do it without any visual aids! That alone was enough to crack anyone up. Needless to say, we had a fun night AND we learned how to hang a sweater. Now I just have to wait and see if Marcus (wardrobe from Signing Time) approves of my extra tuck.

This is why I had to tuck it through:

To all who participated tonight: Thanks for the laughs!


Rachel Coleman said...

You would make Marcus proud!

jana francis said...

I love the tuck through - it works better that way!!

Kei said...

Oh Cathy, when I finally got home tonight (driving through a really nasty snowstorm and stopping several times to clean off my frozen wipers), I told Robert I needed a hot shower and a good cry. Then I told him about all the fun he missed at chat last night after he logged off. Of course, while telling him, I went to the closet to show him how the sweater needs to be hung. I had to show him yours & Jana's blogs so he could get a good laugh.

It's good to be home, and your comment on my blog did cheer me up. Thanks!

rugrats said...

Your sweaters look much better, the tuck does make it better. Thanks for th laugh. Cute kids, we have gates everywhere also. Their great.

Anonymous said...

Tries does it take to hang a sweater? I say 3 tries and 7 steps, but who's counting!!!