Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's About Time!

Last weekend I did something that I should have done a long time ago. Leigha and I went ice skating! I guess I have put it off for many reasons. It's hard for me to take Leigha to do anything because I have the boys. It's the one downfall of having Noe and I working opposite of each other. We are basically two stay-at-home parents. Second, it's been a long time since I skated and I am way out of shape!

When I was growing up, I had ice time whenever I wanted it. There would be many nights that my friends and I would stay at the rink after everything was over. The managers were our friends and they would keep the rink open for us. This was in addition to the regular times we skated.

In Vegas, it's a whole other world. There are very few rinks here. I know absolutely no one at the rinks. Last, but not least, I feel like a FOOL on ice! Last Friday we went to Lake Las Vegas and skated on a floating rink. This is a very SMALL rink that floats on the side of the lake. Seriously, three small strokes and you are at the other side. Due to error in judgement, we didn't take separate cars, we were only able to skate for about 45 minutes. Most of that time Leigha clung to the wall, holding on for dear life. She was not happy to leave though. She was just starting to feel comfortable enough to let me hold her hand. She was constantly telling me to go "play" and leave her alone.

On Sunday I took Leigha to an indoor ice skating rink. Once again, it was smaller than what I am used to, but definitely moving in the right direction. However, we FROZE to death! I have learned my lesson that I need to be ready for a blizzard! At first Leigha was scared to death. Much to my dismay, the skate guard told her she could grab on to some of the empty buckets and she could push them around the rink. This didn't thrill me, but it was what she wanted to do.

After awhile, Leigha asked me to return the buckets. She was ready to go out on her own. She was still more comfortable holding on to the walls, but she got brave towards the end!

I think I might have created a monster. Hopefully she will just enjoy the recreational aspect of figure skating. Unfortunately, I remember how much time, energy, and money it took to be an ice skater. I am NOT ready to have Leigha go through that, too!

I am proud to say that I was able to do some spins and single jumps by the end of that second day. It was very strange putting my skates on again. I used to wear them to work, now I struggle with findng my center of balance. It doesn't help that I have been off the ice for almost 10 years and I have had 4 kids since then. Does that sound like a good excuse?


Brenda said...

Where are the pictures of you skating?? Leigha looks great out on the ice. I have found that my center of balance totaly changed after having Kinsey. I used to have perfect balance and now I can't go above the 2nd or 3rd step on a step ladder. Or maybe I'm getting old ;-)

Kei said...

Even if you don't count the 4 kids, being off the ice for almost 10 years is a valid enough excuse!!!
Sounds like a fun time, and some great bonding time for you & Leigha.

And it would be cool to see pics of you back on the ice again!

MaryBeth said...

I have been antsy to get back on the basketball court... this post was exactly the encouragement I needed. Four kids and 3 years later I'm sure it will be difficult, but I can't wait!

laraine said...


Leigha looks like she's having a lot of fun!.

I know its not exactly around the corner from your house...but there is an ice rink up here that is supposed to be pretty nice. Here is the website: http://lasvegasice.com/default.aspx

Stacey said...

I'd love to see pictures of you on the ice. I do believe you have a good excuse for not skating in 10 years. What a fun time you had with Leigh.

Aunt Bobbie said...