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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Magical Forest

Every year I have wonderful plans of taking the kids to the Magical Forest. It is a wonderful Christmas display that supports Opportunity Village. Unfortunately, my plans never seem to work out. Years ago, before the boys, I had taken Leigha there. It was absolutely freezing that night, but we had a wonderful time with my friends Laura and William. The Magical Forest happens to be on the other side of town, which always provides me with the excuse not to go. I have also become a whimp when it comes to cold temperatures. Not anymore! My aunt came over and we bundled the kids up and headed off to the Magical Forest.

I find amusement in my choice of coats. I was immediately flooded with images of my touring days. In almost all of my colder weather pictures, I am wearing my Disney on Ice coat. On my wedding day I had that coat on to get to Sunset Gardens, and I laughed about it then. Now, nine years later, I have a whole night of pictures to bring back some memories. In reality, Noe and I have so many coats from our touring days that we just can't phathom buying any more coats. You might see me buried in this coat for all I know.

The real treat was the fact that we were ALL together. In our family, that doesn't happen a lot. Noe got hurt at work and ended up being out of work for a week. As unpleasant as his injury was (to our bank account), it was nice being able to do things as a family. We were also lucky that we have proof of it too, you have to love Aunt Bobbie and her photography skills!

Noe and Leigha

I have decided that I will not get all four kids smiling, at the same time, for years to come. I have to accept this fact and appreciate any picture that has them even facing the same direction!

There are days where I feel like I have five kids, not four. Noe is the type of father who the kids love to hang out with. He gets silly right there with them. Noe and Leigha ran around to the back of the snowman to get their picture taken in it!

Noe's idea of getting the boys to look at the camera is by putting his hand on their head and turning them. He just doesn't understand that it doesn't work for me. My hands aren't big enough to get around their big heads. If you tell my kids to smile, they will turn around and stare at you. It's a losing battle most of the time!

Where there is a will, there is a way for Matthew. I caught him , yet again, staring into a hubcap and signing Signing Time songs and signs. So far his favorite places to practice his signing is under the table looking into the sliding glass door, the oven window, and the silver round plate underneath the faucet in the bath tub. We have been on a desperate search to find him an unbreakable mirror to hang on the wall, in view of the television. If anyone knows where I could find one, PLEASE let me know!

The trees are decorated by different businesses and organizations. Leigha loved a dance company's tree. She saw the little tutus and immediately smiled.

She even got to dress up in a fireman's coat and ring the bell.

Aunt Bobbie took the boys to go eat while Noe, Leigha, and I stood in line for the train ride. Noe couldn't believe that I was going to make him do that, but I convinced him that we were doing it for Leigha. Even thought it would be a short ride, it was something she had wanted to do since we walked in there and she saw the train! It was well worth the long wait, just to see that smile on her face!

The train took us throughout the forest. It's hard to get great photos while you are moving, but I did get a few that let you get a better sense of what the Magical Forest looked like.

We had a wonderful evening! Thank you Aunt Bobbie for joining us and taking all of the wonderful pictures!

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