Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


That word sums up yesterday!

Yesterday morning, Matthew and Noah were scheduled for surgery at 9:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. In the NICU, one of the doctors threatened to separate them to opposite sides of the unit. More times than not, if one of the boys had something happen, the other one would not be far behind. Matthew and Noah are identical, but due to Matthew's water breaking early on in my pregnancy, they don't look identical.

For example, when the boys were about a month old I walked into the NICU to find that they had put a scalp IV in Matthew's forehead. It was absolutely HORRIBLE looking. Sure enough, Noah ended up with one shortly after. Their personalities are different, but they are the two that play the best with each other. Robert tends to be off on his own more.

Keeping in rhythm with each other, Matthew and Noah had to have surgery on their testicles. OUCH! Neither of Matthew's descended and one of Noah's didn't descend. The doctor's office knew our insurance was changing as of today, so they rushed us in and gave me back to back surgeries.

I woke up a few hours after I went to sleep to find out that our surgeries were pushed back and I only found out because I called to confirm. I was irritated to say the least. I quickly called my aunt to tell her she could wait awhile before she came over, but she had already been awake, too. I then realized that the poor boys hadn't eaten or drank anything since 7:30 p.m. the night before. We are talking my two biggest eaters! I now was going to make them wait even longer.

I didn't get the boys until 8:15 a.m. I decided I would just get them changed and then head over to the hospital. I didn't realize how traumatizing this was going to be. I had Noah's and Matthew's clothes all laid out. I changed their diapers and got them dressed. Robert looked around and asked where his were. I pointed to them, on the top of the dresser, and he went after them. I told him that Noe would get him dresed in a bit. I then I ran upstairs to get socks and he waited for me. I tried to secretly tell him that Aunt Bobbie was coming and he was going to get to play with her. That didn't work very well. He kept asking for his jacket and socks.

Once we got into the car, I thought we were safe. Then, as I started backing out of the driveway, Noah started screaming "Robert!" He must have repeated his name about 20 times. I think he thought I forgot him. I kept telling them that Robert was staying at home. Noe told me that Robert kept asking for his coat and shoes so he could go bye-bye.

Matthew was the first one to go in. It seemed like a lifetime before the doctor came out, I was starting to get a bit nervous. Although it might have felt like a lifetime because I had to run around with Noah that entire time and keep him busy. Great time for them to have the playroom under construction! The doctor came out and said he was fine, but that he had a ton of scar tissue on his left side. She cut through most of it, but didn't want to hurt the blood flow. Everything was fine with him. As he was waking up, we got Noah ready to go back.

Matthew did pretty well coming out of the surgery. He was a bit whiney until he got into a position he was happy with, but he drank his juice. Right as they were bringing Noah into recovery, they let Noe take Matthew home. Matthew just sat there staring with a solemn look on his face.

Noah, on the other hand, woke up MAD! It brought back memories of his first month of life. The NICU had him sedated a lot because he would desat if someone changed his diaper. There was no way to make him happy. He didn't want to be held, he didn't want to lay down, he didn't want his juice, he just wanted to YELL! They had to give him two doses of Demorahl to calm him down. Finally, it started working. He laid his head on my shoulder and just seemed to sleep with his eyes open (drug induced stare). He finally took a few sips of juice (a requirement to get out) and the nurse said I could take him whenever I wanted. I think they were ready to see him go! As soon as he hit that calm, he was fine. I put him in the car seat and he just watched Signing Time! the entire way home.

When I got back to the house, it was 2 p.m. Robert and Matthew were still awake. Matthew was laying down on the couch, watching TV, and not moving a bit!

He was not happy that I was taking his picture, either!

Noah was just quiet.

I was a bit concerned with Noah after naptime. They didn't go down until 3 p.m. so I didn't get them up until 6 p.m. Noah tried to stand in his crib, but he couldn't. I carried him downstairs and then went back for Matthew. Noah kept trying to stand up and walk, but his legs just kept collapsing. Noah gets bonus points for effort though. I think he was thoroughly confused as to why he couldn't take more than one step. At first I was a bit concerned, but I figured it was just the demerol. Eventually he was able to walk with a limp. You could tell which side he had his operation on!

Matthew was just miserable. He was okay as long as he wasn't sitting upright. He ate dinner at a slant and he laid on the couch the entire night. His poor left side was so swollen since they had so much scar tissue to cut through. I just prayed for no messy diapers!

By the time it was bedtime, Noah was feeling just great. He climbed up the stairs, climbed up on Leigha's 5 ft tall bed, and jumped in his crib. He was just fine! Matthew got another dose of Tylenol before bed. I felt so bad for him. This morning they are both doing better. Matthew used his walker a bit today, but he's still won't be too active for awhile.

The good news...everything turned out great and they will be fine later in life!


Kei said...

Ouch for sure! What troopers though. Was it tougher on you momma?

loren said...

Yowza! I'll have to tell my hubby that what he's gonna go through (his "surgery" aka vasectomy) is nothing compared to what those boys had done! All I can think is "Ouch!"