Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More Success Stories!

I wanted to give Matthew the spotlight the other day, as he deserved it! However, we had another HUGE event happen the same day that Matthew started to really walk. Robert peed in the potty! I have known that Robert was getting ready to potty train for some time. Unfortunately, I am not ready!

Leigha was very easy to potty train. She woke up dry from about 18 months on. She pooped in the potty long before peeing in the potty. The first time she peed in the potty, it was like she looked at me as if to say "that's what you wanted me to do?" She never had any accidents and never needed a diaper or pull-up again.

How the heck do you train THREE BOYS?! Well, last week I put the boys in the water for their bath. Robert was the last one in and immediately he peed. The whole task of draining the water and cleaning the tub is not a fun one. On Thursday I decided that before Robert got in the water, I would just put him on the potty for a few minutes. Leigha noticed that Robert was looking in the receptacle so I went to check. Sure enough, he had peed in the potty! WOO HOO!

Last night Robert told me he was wet. He took his own pants off and want to get another pair. Even though his pants weren't wet, he threw them in the dirty laundry. I then changed his diaper, but he wouldn't let me put another one on him. I was tired and frustrated, he had obviously just peed in his diaper. I decided to let him sit on the potty chair anyway. Sure enough, a few minutes later he had peed on the potty, too! Now I was getting excited. That was until he tried to take his pants off again and tell me that he was wet, 10 minutes later! Sure enough, his diaper was a little bit wet again. GREAT...he's not going to sit in a diaper when he pees just a tiny bit anymore. Now I will go through 10 diapers a day with him. Oh well, it's a great start!

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