Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, March 28, 2008

How to Break News to Your Husband

Have you ever wondered how to break some news to your husband? I have found a wonderful way:

Dear Noe,

While you have been in Japan, I have decided to rearrange the house a little. As you know, your little ones can't seem to keep their fingers off of the TV, VCR/DVD, XBOX, and Wii. I am running around chasing little fingers sticking through countless DVDs. I watch as Matthew pushes his weight against the fence to flatten it out and reach the equipment.

Time outs don't seem to work, a smack on the hand doesn't seem to work, a spanking doesn't seem to work, power being turned off doesn't seem to work. I have exhausted all ideas. YOUR BOYS ARE ADDICTED TO BUTTONS!

There was only one possible solution, some rearranging. Your boys are still addicted to Dance Dance Revolution. That has not changed, probably has gotten worse. You should see Noah dance, he is really good now!

Wait, is that the TV from Leigha's playroom? Now it's in the boys' playroom? Yes, it is! Poor Leigha, she lost her TV. Daddy's little girl doesn't have her little 10 year old 27' TV anymore. Whatever will she do? Oh, I know...she can have our nice TV from the family room!

Yes, that's right. I moved our TV into her playroom. It looks so much better in there, don't you think? Poor boys and Mommy, they have no TV hooked up to cable anymore. However will they watch their cartoons, Survivor, or Dancing with the Stars? What will Mom do if she doesn't have a child to yell at for turning the channel, spiking the volume, or removing her movie? Oh wait...there is always a solution.

I think that worked out well! All I have to do now is get some shorter cables (and a cover) and paint the wall where the kids have scraped it to death with that gate. Just wait til you see what I have planned for my next weekend! I hope you are enjoying your 12-16 hour work days. I will sit back on the couch and think of you everytime I flip by the history channel in high definition.

Love you,
Your wife (who is happy to be across the world from you as you read this)


Rachel said...

Very funny...and cute! I want one of those too. Thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment I love meeting new people through this wonderful world of blogging. Stop back by sometime and I will too.


Pinching Abe said...

Hey Cathy! Yes, it does seem hard to believe your lil guys are big guys now ;)

I love the TV. We wanna do that in our bedroom. The TV that is in there weighs a ton and we can't rearrange the furniture because we can't lift it up, LOL. Too funny, but true! What an original way to let hubby know. And you bet he is salivating over there in Japan.... guys love this type of stuff.