Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Did I Manage to Escape? (Part 1)

That's an easy answer, I have wonderful friends! If someone would have told me that we would have been best friends 7 years ago, I would have laughed in their face. Crista and I met online through the March 2001 playgroup at ivillage. I found that website shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Leigha. I have formed some of the best friendships from that board. I know a lot of people think it's odd to become so close to a bunch of people I had never met, but I think some of my online friends know more about me than my local friends.

Crista and I clashed big time! Let's just say that was back in my days of being "THE Coupon Queen!" Let's just say that I was snagging formula checks from other members of the board to use to trade for Pampers coupons on another board. Unfortunately, it seems that Crista would have really liked to have had the formula checks for FORMULA! Who knew?! Thankfully we finally met and it's been love ever since then, right Crista?

When Crista found out that my Salt Lake City plans were in jeopardy because Noe got the job in Japan, she didn't hesitate to offer her services. Normally this is when I would say, "No, don't worry about it." I am really getting good at accepting help recently. Before she could change her mind I booked her and her daughter, Caroline, on a flight out here!

Crista and Caroline arrived around 11:45 p.m. on Thursday night, and my flight left about 12 hours later. I had all of these grand plans for Crista, while I was gone. She was supposed to take care of my children, clean my house, scrub baseboards, etc. This is Crista, that's what she does. Well, until this weekend. I think I remember some excuse about not having time. Whatever does she mean by that?

All I know is, my children had the time of their lives with Crista, Caroline, and Chuck. I guess they are a lot more fun than just plain 'ole Mom, and they had pictures to prove it!

They arrived just in time for our 105+ temperatures (and left right before we hit the 60s again!). I think I know where all of my missing bakeware went.

Good aim, Matthew!

They really do have a lot more guts than I do, but I am getting a bit better. They boys were thrilled to have a second day in a row of water play. I am sure they were begging them to make me leave again soon, Mom is NEVER this much fun!

Leigha loves playing with water and is always so deprived of it. She was definitely taking advantage of my absence!

To think, I almost threw Blue into the Goodwill bag a few weeks ago. Who knew?

It was tickle torture time for Chuck.

Caroline and Crista

More fun to come tomorrow!