Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, June 06, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

On Friday, May 23, my aunt watched the boys after their school. The boys were in for a big surprise because Aunt Bobbie wasn't alone! My uncle and my cousin Jay were both over for a visit. This is a huge milestone for my cousin.

A few months ago he underwent some major surgery and had part of his lung removed. Due to family history, cancer was a major fear. His xray showed that he had something on his lungs, but they wouldn't know for sure until they went in and removed it. It turns out that my cousin contracted Valley Fever sometime in the past few years or more. As horrible as that sounds, it's a huge relief compared to cancer! It also might explain a lot of the pain he has been in for awhile. I would show you the HUGE incision they made on him, but I haven't asked him if he is ready for stardom!

Remember the 105 degree days we had the weekend before? Well, a few days later we dropped 40 degrees. This is Vegas! I thought a little explanation would be in order considering they are dressed in sweatshirts and pants!

I love these pictures because I have never been at the house to welcome them home from school! Matthew seems right at home as he is lowered from the bus.

I think my uncle and cousin were burned out by the end of their stay. They were smart; they brought their OWN car. I am not sure who thought this little airplane ride was painful, my cousin or my uncle?! Speaking from experience, it's HARD to keep it level when there are kids on it!

I do believe my aunt was putting him to the test that day. I guess if he can survive my boys, he can survive working again!

Maybe that's what all rehabilitation centers should do; send them to my house and see if they can survive my children. Wait, I don't want to be responsible for those that have setbacks. I am happy to report that my cousin lived through the afternoon and is now back to work again!

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