Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Wyatt, Lucas, and Jaxon!

Six weeks after my boys were born, Laura and Don welcomed Wyatt, Lucas, and Jaxon into the world. At one point, during our 98 day NICU stay, there were three sets of triplets in there. After we both recuperated from our initial shocks of our lives, we reconnected and became great friends.

On May 31st, we were able to celebrate their 3rd birthday (really May 22). They had a wonderful barbecue in their backyard. My kids love going over there to play because they can get down and dirty!

It was a night of many firsts for me. I have never seen my boys willingly climb on a swing and enjoy it!

Noah loved the swing, and didn't mind going higher!

Leigha gave the rock wall an attempt. Once she realized how easy it was for her now, she was up and down the slide all night!

The food was wonderful! There was something there for everyone in my family. Noah ate everyone's pasta salad. I ate the cheeseburger off of one of their plates (that they were obviously not touching), and Robert ate everyone's watermelon.

Matthew would have eaten EVERYONE's cake if he had the chance! He sat at that table, quite patiently, awaiting the cutting of the cake. It couldn't come fast enough for him. It wasn't until he finished every crumb off his plate, and I took it away, that he started to protest. Talk about being my kid!

Being the perfect host that Don is, he made Noah work for his cake. Noah swept the back porch while Don just sat back and watched him sweat. Isn't that nice of Don?

When I was wrapping the boys' presents, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. It was multipurpose paper. First, you wrap up the gift in it. Then your daughter takes off with the wrapping paper, at least she waited til the gift was opened, and makes clothing! What more could you ask for? Do you see a fashion designer in the future?

By the end of the party, my boys were still going strong. They loved running up and down the wall that had all of the letters and numbers on it. This was the perfect end to a wonderful evening!

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Laura said...

All the pictures were great, but I especially love the one of the girls in their formal attire :) and the one of the boys laughing while playing near that wall.