Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Vacation!

It was a bitter sweet end to our school year. I was excited for my first long vacation, but sad to lose my favorite nanny- our neighbor! As I have said before, Tara was a complete lifesaver. She stepped in when my second nanny was obviously having some emotional issues. We talked about it Monday night and she was at my door the next morning.

The boys already adored Tara and her daughter, Alohi. I never had to leave explicit directions with her. Tara asked me if it was okay to take the kids to the park. With my first two nannies I wouldn't allow them to go in my van at all. They could go on walks, but that was it. I had no issues with her taking them at all. I didn't have a doubt in my mind that she would do better with them at the park than I would!

When I returned from my last day of work, Tara warned me that the boys might go to bed early that night. I guess they had stayed at the park for an extra long time. I can't tell you how proud I am (and jealous of Tara's control) to hear that they follow directions and stay within a certain area. Tara wasn't joking either! Robert is the one that usually falls asleep the easiest because he doesn't sleep as soundly. Matthew is the one that almost NEVER falls asleep in the car or anywhere else, other than at night. That wasn't the case during dinner!

Friday was Tara's last day. She told me she would take them to the park and let me run my errands during the day. I had a long trip ahead of me, so I was more than thrilled to hear that. It also gave me an opportunity to run to the park and surprise the kids in between errands!

Everyone looked like they were just having a blast! I know where I will be on Mondays this summer (they go to school Tuesday through Friday in the morning).

They really loved swinging on the swings. I was hesitant about making them go higher, but they kept begging me to push more. Eventually some other kids came over and really wanted to have an opportunity to swing. That was the only reason my kids agreed to get off the swings.




I was just happy to get to share some of the fun with the four of them that day!

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