Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Many Differences

This year the boys are majorly mobile and need to get more energy out at the rest stops. Leigha has always been able to get up and walk around before, now they all needed it. We either brought lunch to the rest stop, or went to a rest stop and then got drive through meals.

We are never too thrilled with the first few rest stops in Arizona and New Mexico. The second day was much better. The kids LOVED wandering around in the grass and finding sticks to play with. You definitely don't see trees like these around Las Vegas!

I am not sure the people who care for these stops really appreciate the fact that my kids were digging in the grassy areas. Then again, I don't think they were really looking that great to begin with! It did keep them happy and busy.

Matthew, on the other hand, doesn't really care for grass that much. He has a hard time keeping his footing when the ground is not hard and level. He likes to walk and run on the sidewalks, but it's not great when he tires out and falls on his knees. If he does go in the grass, he likes to be holding on to someone.

The rest stops got better and better the further east we drove. Once again, the kids were hard at work collecting sticks. I let Robert take one stick from each stop, and then secretly got rid of sticks on the way. Leigha knew what I was doing, but she was still happy to just find MORE sticks than her brothers!

This was the last rest stop before our long stretch. Normally I wouldn't want Matthew to get too tired, but I knew he needed the exercise. He must have known it, too, because he was off and running in the grass! He was full of smiles and laughs the entire rest stop.

Leigha was a super trooper during the trip, as always. Every time Matthew couldn't reach his drink or toys, she would get up and get it for him. She passed out food to the boys when they ran out, etc. The boys all were really great on the trip, too. The first day we got a bit worried about Robert.

The boys have always had assigned seats in the van. Matthew was always next to Leigha, behind the driver's seat, so that we could fix his oxygen and help him sit back up when needed. However, one day I was trying to get the boys in the van and they had a total meltdown. They just wanted to run around in front of the house. I decided to try something new. I told them that they could choose which seat they wanted. So "Matthew's seat" is the new favorite. The other two boys race outside to see who can get to his seat the fastest. Matthew, on the other hand, is excited to sit in the way back!

Robert was the winner of the first day in "Matthew's seat." My mom and I looked at each other and started bursting out in laughter when Robert started talking. About an hour after we left, Robert started saying "Go Grandma's house now?" Then he repeated that a lot. I think he thought we were just going to drive down the street or something. Later in the day it turned to, "Go Grandma's house, NOW." Maybe it was easier when they didn't talk?!

Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with the trip. We only hit bad weather in Knoxville, TN for awhile. We arrived around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Much better timing than the last few trips. Our trip home will be better, too, because we will gain three hours instead of losing three hours. The boys will be very used to their tents, and we have learned that the more they get out and run around, the better they are in the car!

If someone asked how we were feeling by the third night, this picture says it all!


Kei said...

Love that last photo~ pretty much sums it up for the kids, doesn't it? LOL

Janel said...

hope the trip home is as fun as the trip there.