Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Game On!

I thought this was a fitting time to do it since my kids have managed to lock me out of the house twice today. My parents have these little buttons right next to the door knobs. When you try to turn the door knob covers, expected to keep little ones from opening the door, they tend to lock out the adults who just stepped out.

My parents live on a mountain outside of Asheville, NC. In a few years, the boys will have a blast playing outside. However, it's a bit too dangerous right now. Their backyard is a hill into a forest, made up of rocks and plants. They can't run around down there. The front yard, which the grass area is about the size of my backyard, is okay to play on. Unfortunately, right to the side is the fish pond and waterfall. Not really a good idea to let them loose out there. Needless to say, it's supervision time outside and a lot of, "turn around; come back here; too far!"

Leigha, on the other hand, reaps all the benefits of being older. She can go outside and play around, water plants, feed the fish, and hang out with Grandpa. Last night she went on a walk with my dad and came home right as I was getting dinner ready. She just sank down at the table, in the most pathetic looking way. He wore her OUT! Wait, I think he wore himself out, too!

I have a challenge today. I took a picture of the drive from the house to the back gate to leave the mountain. There is something different about this picture. See if you can find "it" without cheating (at least at first). Tomorrow I will post a close up of the area I am referring to, for those who don't find it.


Kei said...

I had to click on the picture to make it big enough to spot what you were talking about. I need to get some of those for some of my trees... but put them on without the kids' seeing and see when they notice!

Cathy said...

It took my mom three years to notice it, and so far no one else has mentioned it to the owners!

Stacey said...

hayI also had to click the picture to make it big enough to see. My kids like to point those out when we are driving around. We have a few in our neighborhood.