Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going GREEN!

There is a reason that I hate having pools, the upkeep. The blow-up pools sound like a great idea, until kids start tracking in grass, bugs, sticks, etc. Oh, and the pesky fungus that starts growing in the water. Our swimming days were pretty much limited to the one afternoon. After that it was time to recycle the water. My parents mountain has been put on water restrictions, so we thought we would help them out by using the pool water to water their plants. In other words, I had cheap slave labor to empty the pool out for me before we packed it away.

The kids LOVED filling up their cups and dumping it into the bushes, plants, sidewalk, brothers, sister, mother, you name it. My mom wants to teach them how to garden the next time they come. I started to wonder why I had never thought about the slave labor aspect of being a parent.

Noah is definitely my hardest worker. He is the one who is always trying to help me unload the dishwasher, bring the FULL plates of food to the table, put tops on the cups, and bring the drinks to the table. I am TRYING to let him do these things, before he realizes he might not want to do them! Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will lose some dishes eventually. If you want to keep your drink, you better make sure it's no where that Noah can get to. I am constantly handing Leigha new cups to get her water because her brother has dumped hers out and placed it in the sink. I wonder how much water we have wasted recently? I cringe at the thought, but I am embracing his working skills!

Robert will be my hard labor worker. He will do the heavy duty work, no matter how much fun the others are having. However, he really enjoyed watering the plants, too.

Not to be outdone by her brothers, Leigha wanted to help out, too! I had to occasionally remind her to move around and not to water the sidewalk too much.

Roberts expression was priceless, "Mom, LOOK, a bug!"

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Mishelle said...

Your family is adorable. I have bbb triplets too who just turned 5. They keep you hopping don't they? Love the pool and the plant watering!