Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What NOT to Wear!

Stacy and Clinton were at my house tonight. Well, at least in spirit. I have never been a lover of clothes shopping, much to my family's belief. I can't stand trying on clothes that look cute on models, but hideous on me. What fun is that? I am an absolute horrible shopper, with no taste at all in fashion. Any fashion sense I did have has been completely wiped out since I have had kids.

In recent years I get a lot of hand me downs from some friends who have shopping issues. It's not that they have necessarily gone out of style, just not the latest trend. That's fine with me- I don't have to step foot in a store. I just try on the clothes in the seclusion of my own home.

About two years ago, my friend Crista came for a visit. She made me get rid of a bunch of clothes, and then took me shopping to help me get some replacements. This has become a trend with us. When she came out to watch my kids in May, we stopped at the store on the way to the airport. She grabbed about 5 things for me to try on and I walked out with those items and shoved them in my suitcase. These are things that I never would have picked out myself, but I loved them on me. Now if I could just get her to come more often, and preferably with a lot of money!

Recently I have just grown sick of the clutter in my house. I knew my closet was a disaster and it was time to begin there. As soon as I put the boys to bed, I went straight to my closet. Who needs New York when I have my own room with a large, unforgiving mirror right in my house?

I tried on every single piece of clothing I own. It wasn't a pretty picture. I had been holding on to jeans in hopes that I would lose weight. However, even if I do lose the weight, I no longer find pants that cover the belly button to be very comfortable or stylish. I am not THAT much of a lost cause. I stood there giving myself the Stacy and Clinton speech about how something accentuated parts of me I would like to cut off. My "donate to some poor soul with no fashion sense" pile grew by the second. You know it's pretty bad when you still have clothes that you wore in college. It was difficult to give away three 3 piece suits that were very expensive and only worn a handful of times. Some things I couldn't have ripped off the hangers and threw in the pile quick enough.

All said and done, this is what I accomplished tonight! It's too bad that Stacy and Clinton won't be giving me my $5000 gift card to go replace all of the clothes I just got rid of.


Laura said...

WTG! I know it is hard to get the motivation to get that stuff done. Now you can do the fun job of filling it back up with some new clothes!

Kei said...

LOL! I had piles like that the last time I went through my closet to donate clothes. Suits I wore a few times and loved, but definitely out of style (big shoulder pads anyone?), and clothes from oh, 20+ years ago.

Hey, will Crista be visiting you anytime soon to help you go shopping? She picked out some great outfits for you in May!

TiffanyLeigh said...

You go, girl! Now come help me go through my closet! :)

Stacey said...

Purging is great for the soul. I love to go through things and give away. I still have a suit in my closet that I can't seem to part with. Why? I wonder I know I will never fit into it. Even when I loose weight it is still too small. :) Anyway Stacy and Clinton would be proud.