Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grandma and Her BIG Ideas!

There is a reason that the boys have transitioned so well to their new big boy beds. While we were at my mom's house, the boys slept in PeaPod Plus Travel Beds. They actually did really well sleeping in them. We had the occasional kid try to sneak out at 3 a.m. to come join me in bed, but Grandma is a light sleeper and would send them back to their room.

Unfortunately, things were different at my mom's house. At home I would set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. so that I could run, take my shower, and relax before the kids got up and I went to school. In NC, my kids were waking me up in the morning. Sometime after 7 a.m., probably while my mom was getting ready for work, Robert or Noah would come join me in bed. We would stay in there until the 2nd one came in. Then I would just give in and drag myself out of bed, it's not like I was sleeping anyway.

This one particular Monday, I remember VERY well. Robert joined me a bit earlier than normal. I remember trying to get back to sleep, but wasn't succeeding very well. I eventually gave up and we went into the livingroom to watch cartoons, get dressed, and have breakfast. On any normal day, this sight would have been rather cute. However, after being awoken early- I didn't find Robert sleeping very cute at all!

To make matters worse, my mom had also had a GREAT idea about getting the kids a pool for out front. She obviously doesn't know about our history with pools. Of course it was all ready to get in on a Monday. You know, the FIRST work day in a week? I decided not to totally let her miss out on the FUN. She came home at lunch time to help with the whole pool idea. I just wish her lunch break had been a few hours long!

My mom thought this pool would be neat for the kids to play in. It had a slide to get in and a slide to get out. The picture on the box showed kids on both sides. Obviously, their pool was filled up with something other than air! Leigha tried it and looked like she was having to hold on for dear life. Robert, Noah, and Leigha were having a great time playing in the water.

Matthew, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the pool. He opted to stay inside and watch cartoons. However, it didn't take him too long before he started peeking out the curtains. A few minutes after that, the front door opened.

You could tell there was a huge internal war going on. What does a mother do? This mother grabs the poor, scared kid and forces him to sit in the water. He WILL have fun, whether he wants to or not- I wasted a swim diaper on him! Unfortunately, that didn't last long. I was attempting to let the sun shine on areas that haven't seen the sun in YEARS. Matthew decided he would rather join me.

I did put Matthew back in the pool, after my mom went back to work, and he was definitely warming up to the idea. As long as he had a cup, he was happy!

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