Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a Trim, Please

I vividly remember (but doesn't mean I have the details correct) going to get my hair cut with my mom when I was little. My dad LIKES (and I emphasize that) long hair. I was basically not allowed to cut it short. Now what kind of kid would I be if I didn't want to go against my parent's wishes. I am not really sure how my mom felt, but she was the one that always took me to get my haircuts. Either she likes long hair or she didn't want to deal with the wrath of my dad if she let me cut it short. On this particular day, my mom was getting her hair cut too. I seem to remember long rows of stations and my mother was on one side and I was on the other. My mom told the lady to just trim my hair and then she went on her merry way to get her hair cut. Out of sight- out of mind, at least to the girl cutting my hair. I guess I proceeded to tell her I wanted short hair. Guess who she listened to? ME! I wish I could remember my father's reaction when I got home, or the look of horror on my mother's face as she rounded the corner and saw me.

I love Leigha's long hair (I am becoming just like my dad). She likes it too, except for when she has to brush it, wash it, get it out of her face, etc. I told her about cutting my hair for Locks of Love after the boys were born. She was ready to do it last year, but then she decided she didn't want it short. This year was different! Her friend, Eva, donated her hair and we talked about it when we visited them this summer. Leigha was all excited to do it! I decided, being the smart individual I am, to wait until AFTER we visited Grandpa.

Yesterday morning, after the boys were off to school, Leigha and I headed to the mall to find me a bathing suit (that's a whole other story in itself). She wanted to do it right then and there, but I explained that she can get a haircut when the boys are with us, and that I can't try on clothes (not that I wanted to) when we had the boys. I won (not really, considering what I was there for).

After the boys were home, and we ate lunch, we were headed back out to the mall. My mom warned me that I should be prepared for Leigha to cry once the ponytail was cut off. I am happy to say that wasn't an issue. Leigha couldn't have been more excited to get her hair cut.

Instead of a single ponytail, the lady did two braids so that we could get the most length she could. I never would have thought about that!

Instead of tears, there were giggles. She said that the razor tickled her neck. She looks like she is being tortured, right?

I still can't believe how easy this was for her. She started giggling when she saw the braids sitting on the counter. Wait, where was the fun in this? Wasn't I supposed to get to torture my child for a bit? Wasn't this supposed to make her cry? NO WAY!

Now it was time for paybacks. I had told the lady that I wanted it above her shoulders. I guess I should have been a bit more specific, or maybe I shouldn't have taken the boys on a little circle ride for a minute. Leigha had mentioned wanting to get her hair cut to her chin. I thought that was a little drastic. Maybe she said something to her while I was gone- because it's to her chin- and even shorter in the back!

Since we live in a an a la carte world, I had to wait til we got home to blow dry her hair (being the cheapskate I am). Leigha did not stop looking in the mirror and smiling ALL NIGHT LONG.

Anyone that knows me, or has even glimpsed at a picture of me, knows that I can't style hair to save my life. I did warn Leigha that she would have to have her hair blow dried after her baths. She inherited the wave from me. I still can't manage to get rid of the wave, or the duck tail that is still out, in the back. Any suggestions?

Most importantly, Leigha is thrilled to help out children who have lost their hair due to cancer and other illnesses. I strongly suggest that if you have 10 inches of hair to cut off, that you consider donating it to this wonderful organization. She was very proud of herself, as I was of her!

The boys weren't so lucky. I am very behind in posting pictures from our trip (Hi, Crista!), but you will clearly see that the boys' hair was annoyingly long. They weren't so lucky to get their hair cut when Leigha did. Instead, I attacked them with my scissors at home. Remember when I said I can't even style hair? There is just no hope for Robert's hair- my friend couldn't stop it from sticking up last time either! I hope that I didn't do anything too drastic that someone else can't fix before we see Noe in Japan.


Peace, Karen said...

Leigha looks beautiful with her new do -- and what a generous gift to donate her hair! :) BTW -- it seems we all want what we don't have. I'd *love* to have a beautiful wave like that in my super straight hair.

crista said...

we are so very very proud of you, Leigha (and mom too!). Eva didn't cry either. She grinned non stop for a few days.
She looks so much older now :)
Crista, Eva and Caroline

MaryBeth said...

I really love Leigha's hair... Ella is growing hers to give to locks of love, but she still has quite a way to go. I hope she does it with as much joy as Leigha did!

Mel said...

What a wonderful lesson to teach your daughter! And her new do is gorgeous! My daughter has waves...and not the kind that lay just so, but make it that much harder to manage. I've started having them put long layers in the back, and it seems to lay much better.

Janel said...

way to go Leigha. You are so cute with your new hair style. And donating your hair will make someone very happy who needs it!