Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, July 11, 2008

Silver Lining

Sometimes it's hard to think of the 98 days in the Summerlin NICU as being positive, but there is a definite silver lining. During that time there were two other couples in there with triplets. I met Janae Sowards first because I heard that I scared her enough to stay in the hospital for the duration of her pregnancy (that's what the NICU staff told me). I don't remember all of the facts, but I believe she was getting a tour of the NICU, during her hospital stay, and she was about 27 weeks along. My babies were born at 27 weeks and I think that hit a little too close to home. I went down to her room and introduced myself. It was fun visiting her while I visited the boys. She held onto her babies for almost two more months and only had a short NICU stay. Unfortunately, they moved away from Vegas.

The second set of triplets were Don and Laura's. They were born exactly 6 weeks after mine. It took us a little while to find each other again, but we did reconnect through Triplet Connection. Well, in all honesty, I don't think either of us had time to actually keep in touch with anyone else! I am so thankful to have had our triplets in the NICU at the same time, we have become such wonderful friends.

While I was in North Carolina, on our cross-country journey, Laura and Don decided to surprise us with redoing the boys' bedroom. Personally, I was ready to eat my words and keep the kids in the cribs until they were four. The crib tents were working perfectly. Their beds (jail cells) were keeping all of us happy! Unfortunately, Robert is going to cause some serious damage, and balding, to his head if he has something to rock against. It was for that reason I went ahead and ordered three toddler beds. It took three months to get here, a whole other story in itself, and arrived approximately 8 hours after we left for our month long trip. Perfect timing, as usual!

Don and Laura took apart the boys cribs, fixed the hole in the wall from Roberts crib tent, painted their room, and put together their new beds. It looks fabulous!

The boys were very excited when they saw their beds, well, except for Matthew. He was afraid I was trying to tell him it was time to go to bed so he stayed away from his bed at first. As soon as he realized he was not being forced into going to sleep, he jumped right in!

Robert was all nice and comfy!

Noah was ready to fall asleep!

I think that the tents they have been sleeping on have been a great transition to toddler beds. All three of them slept in their beds through the night! SUCCESS!!

Thank you so much, Don and Laura, we all love their room!


loren said...

I knew there was a reason I needed some friends! lol :) The girls' room STILL isn't finished.

It looks so nice... do they hire out?

Jessica said...

What wonderful wonderful friends!! You really are truly blessed girlie :) The room turned out wonderful, and I hope the transition to big boys beds is seamless!!
Yay you!

McCarthyClan said...

Laura and Don rock! How fabulous! It looks great. Glad the night went well.

Tamara said...

awww..the room looks great and what sweet friends!! lol at the balding comment! ha! congrats on their 'big boy' beds!

Peace, Karen said...

The room looks great! What a wonderful gift from some awesome friends!!!