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Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, NO It's...

Last Sunday my aunt and uncle thought it would be fun to take the kids to the park since they started the new school year the next day. I had previously attempted taking the little ones to the bigger water feature park, but they weren't overly impressed with the water. The closest they got to the water was putting their head in a puddle, with the exception of the times when I shoved them into the direct line of fire. They don't start enjoying themselves until I tell them it's time to leave. Then it's just a travesty that I am taking the fun away from them. I did remember that my friend Tara took them to a smaller park with a few little water features. I remember them getting in the water a little bit, I thought. So off to that park we went!

When we first got there, the kids wanted NOTHING to do with the water features. They headed right over to the playground. It took a little coaxing, OK pushing, to get Matthew to go down the slide the first time, but he went back for more. I let them know that if they didn't want to end up like a fruit roll-up, they better stick to the one slide that was NOT in the direct sunlight. I think it was 105 degrees that day.

Robert and Uncle Jerry

Noah and Uncle Jerry

Matthew and Uncle Jerry

The swings were the next stop. I think it's wonderful that I no longer have to put them in the baby swings. I remembered the last time I had them on swings that they had requested the big kid swings. It was fun! Robert kept wanting to go higher and higher. He had the biggest smile on his face. Matthew loved getting in on the action, too. At first he wanted the baby swings, but then I reminded him that he was a big boy now. He grabbed on and smiled the entire time.

Noah was the last one to get on. He had been patiently waiting for his turn. I pushed him and he just giggled. I had all of the other boys on the other swings at the same time. I just kept running behind all of them and kept pushing them when they needed it. Noah was having such a great time, giggling and smiling, that I decided to push him even higher. That's when he went air born! I saw it happening in slow motion. I knew, as soon as I saw him lying back on the upswing, what was about to happen. When the swing went back, he didn't hold on tight enough and basically looked like he was doing a sky dive. It's always a great parenting moment when you send your kid flying and then crashing down, isn't it?

I immediately grabbed him and ran over to the snacks, what else would I do in time of crisis? He stopped crying at the mere mention of snacks. After a few minutes he decided he wanted more snacks. I, being the great parent I am, told him that if he could have more snacks if he got back on the swings with me. I have to admit, he thought about that option for a split second.

Needless to say, he kept repeating that he didn't want to go too high. I don't think he fully trusted me until I sat down on the swing next to him. Then the smile came back, more than likely because I looked pretty funny trying to swing after so many years. He was just happy to appease me and get back to his snack. I just didn't want him having his last memory of swings be the one where mom catapulted him through the air.

It was now time to conquer the water features! My aunt was the first brave one to stick her foot in that cold water! As usual, Robert was the first to get curious (Leigha doesn't count- she ran right into the water immediately!). Aunt Bobbie taught them how to stop the water flow by stepping on it.

The only thing scary about the snake was the fact that it was so HOT! The kids were definitely not going to climb on for a ride!

We, being the adults, decided it was too hot and it was time to head home. While I ran to the grocery store, Aunt Bobbie let the kids go out in the backyard to play more.

Just in case the picture didn't do Noah's back justice, I thought I would have another picture taken for posterity! I wonder what their teachers thought on the first day of school?!

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