Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, it's one week later and the boys are still here. I admitedly laugh about what happened now, but I wouldn't have been laughing if I had come downstairs to see an open door and no kids! I laugh because nothing shocks me with these boys. I never say they would never do anything- if I did, they would do it for sure!

After their little prison breakout, we took a little field trip to Lowes. I had to find something that would work with door frame. After scoping out all of the possibilities, I grabbed the one my mom had pointed out the last time we were there. All you have to do is flip it over to block the door from being opened (from either side). We are now secure in the house, well, at least I think we are!

For those who know me, the following story shouldn't shock you. About a month ago, July 15 to be exact, one of my garbage cans went missing. I have never been the best about bringing my garbage can in right after it has been emptied. I pass it, but usually I have my arms full already. It's amazing that our homeowners' association hasn't been sending my endless letters like our old neighborhood would have. I meant to bring it in on Monday, July 14. Then I meant to bring it in Tuesday morning, July 15, when I left to take Leigha out. On our way home, I got out and walked over to my beloved garbage cans, only to find one standing alone. Normally, I would just walk down the street to find where it had blown away to, as the wind tends to get them here and there. Oddly enough, we hadn't had ANY wind that day. I didn't think much of it, although I missed it dearly, and figured someone would put it out on garbage day for it to be identified. Hopefully they were taking great care of it, making sure it smelled of nasty diapers and disgusting cat litter (would hate for it to feel neglected).

On Thursday morning, July 17, I put my little angels (ahem) on the bus and waved to them as they drove off. A smile appeared on my face. Across the street, a few houses down, was my beautiful garbage can just waiting for me to rescue it! I proudly walked down there, verified that it was mine indeed, and walked it back to my house. I appologized to it for my laziness in putting it away when I should have. I immediately started loading up a bunch of dirty diapers that were ripe and ready!

Just four short days later, I proudly displayed my duo on the sidewalk to be visited by the garbage collectors. It was Monday, so I had no reason to run off in the morning. My jaw dropped as I opened the door and walked out to collect my precious friends. Once again, my friend was gone. This time I knew a crime had been committed. Someone garbagenapped my buddy! I frantically called my mother, because who else do you call in a time of need, and talked to her as I walked up and down the street. I was hoping to see it leaning against someones garage or peeking out from being their jail cell, or gate for some. Low and behold I spotted my precious can in the garage of the person who had it the first time. It wasn't a mistake- he's a repeat offender!! I am sure he knew I was stalking him, as given away by my neck craining around to look behind him as he chatted away on his phone (maybe an accomplice?). He knew I was looking, the guilt was all over his face.

Thankfully, I was on summer break. That meant that I would be around on Thursday, the next garbage day. This time I would get my friend back and paint some rather large numbers on it immediately. It's not like I could mistake my friend for some stranger. I am the only one with Contico garbage cans on my block, and the only ones with the same matching white paint on them from when my husband decided to paint our old garage. They were war buddies. I would have the last laugh, so I thought.

Thursday morning came and went with great sadness. The criminal decided to just put out on of his other garbage cans. It was a travesty, I was leaving the country before the next garbage day rolled around. I was peeved now, beyond words. I talked to my friends down the street, letting them know that we had a criminal in our midst. I didn't complain as much those last few days, just a few hours a day maybe.

Fast forward to our return from Japan. We arrived on Friday night, August 8. I was so out of it that I didn't even think about my missing friend until Sunday morning. Then it dawned on me that the perpetrator would be unaware of my return, and might have felt safe to be using my friend again. He wouldn't know what hit him. Sunday night I shared my plan of demise with my mother. I can't say she was too pleased. She didn't want me to confront anyone while my husband is out of town. No way- would you just leave your child with a kidnapper? Not likely!

Unfortunately, the time zone change was absolutely killing me. Not only was I not getting enough sleep, but I dreamt about how Monday morning was going to play out the entire night! I was big and bold as I walked up and confronted the garbagecanknapper. He was stunned, I was miffed, and he would never mess with the likes of me again. I took my garbage out, trying to give extra attention to the poor matching mate who has been all alone for almost a month, and prepared for mission. I glanced down the street, but there was only a garbage bag sitting out on the street! NO WAY! My adrenilin was running and I couldn't do anything about it?

I called my mother again and talked trash about the situation. I think I might have scared her a bit. It was ok, I still had Thursday to act on. After Thursday's garbage day came and went, I was more desperate and feeling like I had been beaten. I had driven by and seen my lost one, hiding behind another one. I couldn't let it go. I think I might have scared my aunt a little. On Friday night she called me to tell me that they had an extra garbage can that they hadn't been using for a long time. I wonder if my mom got to them?

On Saturday morning, on the way to meet my aunt and uncle, I noticed that the garage door was open. There were only kids in the garage, but I saw my precious one with tons of stuff shoved into it. Do you know what that meant?! That meant that my buddy was going to be hitting the street on Monday morning! The plotting started immediately. I would be home on Monday morning, just waiting for the garbage men to empty my friend so I could run and grab it.

In the meantime, my aunt and uncle brought me my new addition to my family. My mom, once again, tried to talk me out of doing anything about my situation. I contemplated letting it go, but I just couldn't. I knew where it was, and it was so close to me. It occupied my thoughts for the rest of the weekend.

Then it happened, on Monday morning there was my garbage can on the side of the street. I was still debating on how to deal with this situation. In the meantime, I went about my day. After lunch I packed up the kids to take a walk. As we were walking around the neighborhood, something hit me. My garbage can was empty and lying on it's side. I couldn't decide what to do- I did have two garbage cans now. Could I ever pass by his house and not have nasty thoughts though?

Later in the afternoon, my kids and I headed out to get my ring fixed. I debated on grabbing the garbage can and running down to my house with it upon our return. Then a little part of me wondered, what if it really wasn't mine? However, it just wasn't possible. Same name and same paint on the side. Ok, it was mine, there was no doubt. I packed up the kids and then decided a different route to take. I ran back into the house and grabbed a piece of paper, pen, and tape. I wrote a note that went something like this:


I have been missing one of my garbage cans for almost a month and was just wondering if it was possible that you accidentally ended up with my garbage can (Contico with white paint on it). I had two of the exact same garbage cans, but one went missing. I would have just grabbed it, but I didn't want to in case it really was yours. Please let me know. Thank you!
Cathy (street address here)

I taped this letter right to the handle bar of my friend and then drove to the mall. I didn't know what would come of that letter. As we drove home I was a bit upset when I saw that the garbage cans were gone from in front of his house, along with most of the other ones on our street. However, a smile burst across my face as I drove up to my house and saw my long lost friend, leaning against the side of my house.


Now, I don't think he returned it out of the kindness of his heart. I am pretty sure he was just a little thrown off by his obsessive neighbor who had been stalking him for a month. He sure messed with the wrong person!

Just ask Noe about my Jolly Ranchers, I just can't let things go!!


Kei said...

Oh Cathy, I just love you! Your stories often leave me laughing, or in shock and awe, LMAO. Just know that I really really needed this today... sorry you had a garbagecannapper, but glad you decided to take action and find a good blog in it.

Tripletblessed said...

That is by far the funniest story I've read in a while!! So glad you got it back without upsetting your mother any further I'm sure she is sp proud!

Tamara said...

omg..lol...you should write novels..that was thoroughly entertaining..yep..so good for you, what a jerk to take your trash can...OCD comes in handy at times! LOL can't wait to see pics from you trip!

Michele S said...

Uhm, HELLO, where are all the posts about JAPAN?????? I would like to know how your trip went!