Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, September 22, 2008

Japan- Day Four

After our trip to Sensoji Temple, I came to a realization that this trip was not going to be like what I was used to. When I toured with Disney on Ice I traveled all over the world. I was able to see things I would never have imagined being able to. We would go sightseeing whenever the opportunity arose. I don't ever remember it being difficult to navigate. The hardest time I had was when I had to drive a stick shift for the first time, on the wrong side of the road, from Birmingham to Bath/Stonehenge, England (it's a pure miracle I survived).

I am not sure if it's the triplet factor, the four kid factor, or just having kids in general that made it different. At first I would say that having the boys in strollers made it hard to navigate around. I couldn't go in many places because taking them out of the strollers was out of question. However, it wasn't just them. Leigha was tired of walking by the time we got anywhere. I tried to hold back my frustration as long as possible, but it slipped out every so often. It also brought back memories of sight seeing with Noe; he's not always one to enjoy taking your time to do things. Finally, there were my two step daughters. I don't think they knew what this trip would entail with four kids. We were all frustrated and it was evident.

It was at this point that I decided I wasn't going to do everything I had wanted to do while in Japan. I was here to see Noe, those few moments when he wasn't working, and that was all that mattered. I made a deal with the girls that I would need their help every other day and then they could go out on their own on the days between. That was the best compromise I could come up with. I hate being dependent on others. I have been doing everything with my kids alone since they were born. Noe and I worked opposite of each other and I had no choice but to take all four grocery shopping and everywhere else I had to go. This was different. I wasn't able to bring my triplet stroller, which meant I can't push two strollers at the same time. I didn't have my van, which meant I had to get through busy train stations with two strollers. It just wasn't going to happen!

The girls had taken a walk on the second day and found that there was a nice park area in back of Noe's apartment building (part of their property). The girls took us down there in the afternoon. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, more frustration and sadness hit me. The park looked fun, but not for Matthew. It was on a lot of small pebbles and it was all climbing. Two things that he can't participate in without getting hurt or being in pain. Matthew can do so much, but I hate when something gets in his way of having fun. I decided to just head everyone down towards the water.

They have this beautiful wading pond area. It slopes down gradually, but never got very deep. Leigha was in heaven!

Robert took off right after Leigha did. He had no fear of the water, either.

Noah and Matthew were a little slower to appreciate the water. I took off their sandals and let them wade into the water. Noah wasn't too sure of the water, that is until he started making bubbles!

Unfortunately, Matthew was still not liking the water. I had held his hand and walked him into the water for a few minutes. I realized he really didn't like the feeling of bottom on his feet so I gave in and let him go in with his shoes on. He was okay for a few minutes, but then he wanted out.

Robert and Noah ran around the park area for awhile. They took turns "driving" the stroller. The paths had one large circle with a few different paths leading off of it. They ran around and around, which to me was perfect--let them get their energy out now!

Matthew took that opportunity to start playing in the water with his feet. I figured his shoes were already wet, so what was the big deal. He started splashing himself and cracked a few smiles.

Noah and Robert eventually got back in the water, probably just to get a rise out of Mom since they were almost dry. Noah started kicking in the water; I think he was quite proud of himself!

While the kids were playing, Adri and Val plotted their day. Friday was their day to go out on their own. Noe had told them of a few areas where the younger people hung out and there was lots of shopping. I think that hooked them right there!

Matthew and Val

It was hard to talk the kids into leaving, especially Leigha. We had been out for a long time and it was getting close to dinner time. I was happy that the kids were able to get out of the apartment and just run around. I knew running around wasn't going to be a big part of their trip to Japan!


Jane @ Amazing Trips said...

This looks like an awesome trip!! You guys are quite the world travelers!!

I need to get the kids passports so that we can travel abroad like this. We went to Canada this summer (and live a stone's throw from Mexico) but it's not the same.

I keep forgetting you were a professional figure skater. That's just SO cool.

Tiffany said...

I cannot believe you flew to Japan with your kids. I have not been that brave. That is great you were able to see your husband.

Tiffany said...

oh, I love the signing time video too. I want the new ones!