Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Japan- Day Three

On Wednesday we were going to attempt our first big sight seeing trip. Noe was going to try to get off early so we could all go out together. We just hung out around the apartment until he came home. Once again, I realized the girls were not going to be early risers! They tend to roll out of bed around noon, or sometimes later, even though they went to bed hours before me. Ah, to be young again! Wait- I didn't do that even when I was young!

Adri caught up on lost time with the kids. They were enjoying a good 'ole tickle fest. Adri was the prime target. It was definitely more entertaining than watching cartoons in Japanese.

Val helped us out by looking up where to go on the internet. She was searching relentlessly for something amazing to see. Actually, she was just chatting with friends, but I thought I would spice it up a bit!

Noe got held up at work (shocker!) so he didn't get home until around 3 p.m. After he relaxed for a few minutes, we got ready for our first big adventure. Noe has spent a total of 18 months in Japan (two previous tours with Disney on Ice) so we just let him lead the way. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! I forgot Noe hadn't had any time to do anything but work since he had been there. I shouldn't have assumed that he knew what he was doing. I swear we were on the trains, too many to count, for hours. We also didn't realize that the boys were free (we learned that on the next trip).

Leigha was enjoying the trains (at first). She didn't want to sit, she wanted to try and balance without holding on. Mom was no fun, she made her hold on to a pole at least.

Noe still looked like he knew what he was doing at this point!

I guess we should have realized that he hadn't had any time to go sight seeing since he had been there. He has been working 6-7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day. I think we were doing fine until we had to switch trains for the third time and we knew we were still FAR away from our destination! After numerous threats of jumping in TWO cabs, we finally arrived. It took us awhile to find out exactly where the Sensoji Temple was, but we at least found a Starbucks to stop at and get some hideous drinks and yummy muffins.

Arriving that late had it's advantages. It was absolutely beautiful the way it was lit up at night. We walked around for a while and then the girls branched off to go exploring for a bit.

The one I felt the worst for was Matthew. He was awake the entire trip, that is until we rounded the corner and saw the temple. By that time, he was out like a light.

We decided to take a break, for Noe's sake, and sat on the steps to the temple while the girls were walking around. I really wish I didn't look like a sweaty mess in every picture from Japan. Note to self: don't ever visit Japan in the summer months!

I just enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful buildings. I wish I had known more about the temple prior to going. I really wanted to return to the temple again, but that lingering memory of the trip to the temple was too fresh in my mind. So, I just sat back and enjoyed it while I could.

At least Robert, Leigha, and Noah were enjoying themselves. They were just happy to be running around free, it didn't happen too often in Japan!

Thankfully, Matthew opened his eyes long enough to get really irritated with us. I am sure he was then thoroughly agitated with us when we turned to leave and take a hike back to the train station!

Adri and Val rejoined us and we decided that we were all exhausted and needed to head home and find some dinner. We were only late by a few hours!

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