Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Japan Day 7 and 8 and the Most DISGUSTING News EVER!

I know, I know, I am so far behind it's not even funny. I have been avoiding finishing my Japan trip because there were three different cameras, and one of those cameras have dates of November on them. It's really hard to try to merge them together, and I have just decided avoidance has been the best route to go.

Things here have been pretty hectic, and I think I am slowly losing my mind. If Noe doesn't return home soon, he might not have any children to come home to. The boys are testing me beyond what I think I can handle. Robert is big into "no" and then spitting. They are all holding toys over their heads, looking for someone to pitch it at. They all come crying when the other one hits them before they can hit that one. They don't fall asleep for awhile at night because they are too busy slamming doors and getting into trouble.

I have already informed Noe, so let me give you all the heads up in case you want to call CPS on me. I have become the biggest screamer, spanker, etc. However, something changed today. Instead of screaming or spanking, I turned to wanting to puke! It all started when I was helping Matthew brush his teeth. My boys have issues playing with the water (no wonder my bill has jumped drastically). After awhile I finally told him he was finished and I shut off the water. He told me (rather screamed) that he wanted a drink. I said NO! There was the mistake of the century. I walked into my office to grab something and then went back to the bathroom to check on Matthew. There he kneeled, at the toilet, with a cup to his mouth. YES, my son dunked the cup in the toilet water (thankfully not recently used) and was drinking his water that he wanted so badly. Yes, this would be the moment that I wanted to hurl, as I am sure the same feeling you are experiencing as you read that. I guess he has seen the cats do it, so he could do it, too! He sure showed me. Sigh.


Sunday was a relaxation day for us. Val didn't feel like going out with Adri, so Adri took off by herself for the day. I really think Adri would have a great time traveling the world and sight seeing. She also would have a great time shopping, because that is basically what she did that day!

Monday was supposed to be Noe's only day off while we were visiting. So much for that, they had an evacuation drill scheduled for that morning so there was no way he could miss that. He thought he would only be there for a few hours, so we decided he would just meet up with us at Tokyo Disney since it was right next door to his building. The girls normally woke up around lunch time, so this was an early day for them. It was days like this one that I was thrilled I don't do much with my hair.

The before picture.

Noe and his SIX children!

By the time we reached Tokyo Disney, I was already looking pretty hideous!

For months we had promised Leigha that we would take her to Disneyland for her 7th birthday. She was so excited that she was fine with giving up a birthday party. Unfortunately, when Noe was offered the temporary job in Tokyo, her dream birthday went down the toilet (maybe the same one Matthew was drinking out of?). There was no way I was taking four kids to Disneyland by myself. That just wasn't happening. The only reason Leigha was okay with not going is that I told her she would get to go to Tokyo Disney, somewhere I bet none of her friends had been before!

Leigha had been waiting for this day to arrive for a long time!

As soon as got into the park, Noe and I decided that we were only there for the kids. We didn't care if we did not get to go on a single ride. There was no way, in that heat and crowd, that we were going to stand in lines with the kids. I know others have probably done it, but did I mention it was HOT?! Just watch the day go by and judge the heat by the color/saturation level of Noe's shirt! Val and Adri took Leigha and jumped in line for a theater experience. We took that opportunity to let the boys run around with Noe.

They were fascinated by the bugs in the dirt, and Daddy was more than happy to use this as a teaching moment!

We set up a meeting time and let the girls go off on their own. I was surprised to hear that my daughter loves roller coaster rides. Nothing would have surprised me more! Noe and I took the kids to see the characters. Previously I discovered that my kids were OBSESSED with characters. I figured they deserved to have some fun, too.

I am not sure if it was the heat or what, but they did not greet the characters with the same level of enthusiasm.

Slowly, but surely, they started warming up to a few of the characters. Maybe it was the gallons of water they kept drinking.

Sometimes you think you know what your children would like. This just didn't happen to be one of those times. I assumed, wrongly, that my kids would love to have the water sprayed on them. I wouldn't have minded it at this point! So I wheeled them up to the factory door, pumped the dynamite handle, and then watched as the kids got sprayed with water. I just don't think they enjoyed it very much!

The next character we saw made me laugh the most. One of the Three Little Pigs spotted us and immediately started freaking out. He kept miming to us to wait. Have you ever seen a big pig running around, disappointing other children who wanted to see him, as he tried to collect his two brothers?! The pig was determined to get a shot with the three pigs and our three boys. Other than for safety reasons, we found another benefit to dressing them alike! We were definitely not the only ones taking pictures of the boys and the pigs. Cameras started going off left and right.

We still had some time to spare before meeting up with the girls, so we took off for the food court. The boys immediately made some friends and they were distracted the entire time Noe was off getting us food. The girls LOVED playing with the boys, they giggled more than the boys did!

We enjoyed a nice carpet picnic since there were no available tables. Noe and I were just happy to be sitting down. Doesn't everyone look nice and cool?

Before we left, Leigha got her picture taken with Hopkins, from Signing Time, which she ultimately won first place for the furthest difference traveled! I think Hopkins had a good time at Tokyo Disney.

Noe was absolutely exhausted after being there for 4 hours. We decided to leave Leigha with her sisters and we took the boys back home so we could relax for a little while. I think the boys enjoyed their taxi cab trip without car seats! I think I was dreaming of the shower I would be able to take as soon as we walked in the door!

When the girls returned from Disney, Noe and I were able to sneak away for a nice dinner. We went back to the resort in between his work and Disney, to an Italian restaurant. The food was wonderful, but the company was even better. We didn't have the energy to do much else, but we did enjoy walking around and just talking. It was really the first time we were able to do that.

As I have said before, I was happy to spend whatever time I could with Noe. Whether or not we were sweating our butts off, or just relaxing over dinner, the time together was priceless!


Laura said...

First re the toilet: ew. Glad it was clean water though. :)

The pics from Japan were great! Even as hot as it was it looked like you really enjoyed your time with Noe. That is awesome.

Kei said...

Awwww... love the pic of you & Noe. The pics & story of the boys with The Three Little Pigs are awesome!

And the toilet water... ewwww....!!!!

Jess said...

Omg! Toilet water? - I would have screamed! :)

You all look like you had a great time. So happy Leigha got to go to Disney. Cute pict's of the boys!